Grow up or face extinction…

Comments from a foreign writer Bryant on Mahathir's article : Kaki dalam Kasut where he says Chinese is the real master of Malaysia.

The highly respected Tun,

China is coming up, India is coming up, Vietnam is coming up and now even  Russia is on the rise. In this flat world that is all wired up and regardless whether we are Malaysian Malay, Chinese or Indian, and if Malaysia does not progress, all of us would become history of this country!

Without the Malay, Chinese could not do well in the country and without the Chinese, Malay would not do well. Both have to work together to bring up Malaysia and mitigate the ascute impact that is being brought about by the globalisation.

For me, a true leader is someone who has the foresight that not only focus on one particular group in the country but take care of the future of everyone. A good leader is someone who know what is the biggest  threat the country is facing and direct the people to fight off the threat. A leader is also someone who is impartial that has the ability to promote harmony in the country for a long period of time.

UMNO is a political looser that leads the country to nowhere. They do not understand what is going on the outside world. They have no clue where Malaysia will be in the next 30 years. With the 3 new superpowers, i.e Indian, China and Russia standing tall and high together with USA and the Europe Union, they do not know what kind of world it would be and how Malaysia is going to compete and share the ever smaller slice of cake of the world economy. They only know how to get the Malays to fight with other Non-Malay on tiny issues within Malaysia, while the two races know jolly well that the issues they are fighting are trivial and is totally self-satisfying.

UMNO does not give a damn to how the poor Malay is going to live in the future and they do not care about the real benefits of the poor Malays. They only want the votes from them. The NEP is a good evidence on how they benefit the cronies, instead of the poor Malay. Despite all their despicable acts they are still in the power.


The highly respected Tun,

As you are aware, the Malays control the rights to all the lands and all other natural resources in this country. They control all government nstitutions, GLC and State owned companies. The Malays dominate the lawmaking process in Malaysia. The Malays control the decision making process in formulating the economy policies. The Malays own the largest national assets and the Malays are given shares in the public listed companies for free.
The Malays have also been given all kind of priorities when it comes to buying properties, awarding of public contracts, tertiary education opportunities, awarding of scholarships and even getting a job in government departments.
With all these privileges and rights enjoyed by the Malays, you are saying nothing has been done enough to help the Malays to catch up with other races, mainly the Chinese. Then what else should Malaysia do to satisfy the Malays?
Did the Chinese seize or rob anything away from the Malays or all their wealth was a result of their hard work? If
it is all due to their hard work, why do you say it is unfair? I don't quite get your point here.

May I humbly ask you what do you expect the Chinese to do if your so-called NEP did not achieve the desired result? Would the Malays be happy if the ethnic Chinese in this country do any of the followings:

– surrender their assets and hard earned money to the Malays unconditionally;
– not to engage in any business activities;
– not to score As in all sort of examinations;
– not to make money that is more than the Malays are earning;
– not to advance to higher education; or
– renounce their citizenships and go back to China or migrate to some other country?

I am a foreigner but I am surprised that your intention is to divide your own country. I think you are mainly targeting the Chinese. Frankly, tell us, what do you expect the Chinese to do in order to achieve what is so called
"equality" meant by you?

Tun, after all these criticism you have against the present government, I feel that you are starting to loose your rationality on your arguments. You have run out of good reasons to convince us. I guess it could be due to your
accumulating jealousy of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, your former counterpart in Singapore.

But reality is always hard to accept. No matter how, you have to accept the fact that he is regarded the Father of Singapore but you are not regarded the Father of Malaysia; you have to accept the fact that Mr Lee is able to influence the government of Singapore until he the day he dies but you have not been able to influence the government from the moment you stepped down as PM.
You must also accept the fact that he is still very popular on the world stage and a leader respected by many but you are not quite.
Because of these jealousies, you are starting to accumulate imbalances in yourself that lead you to embark on a series of action to attack your successors. It is very obvious that you are not happy when your successors are more popular than you. Is there any good of doing that? What is your intention? Can't you take it easy?
During your time, you criticised most of the developed countries especially the Western Countries out of jealousy and after stepping down as PM you criticise every single soul remained in the cabinet for not listening to you. When will you ever stop criticising any people? Can't you respect the decision of others?

Back to your recent blog, is there anything wrong with Chinese in this country? Did they seize or rob the money away from the Malays? Did they have the ability to come out with any policies to marginalise the Malays? Did
they dominate the lawmaking process of this country? Did they formulate the economy policies in this country? Did they control the government departments in this country? Did they control the state owned companies and GLCs in this country? Did they control the country's largest oil companies and banks?

You know the answer right? Malays are the one who dominate the the lawmaking process of this country; Malays are the one that formulate the economy policies in this country that favours the Malays. Malays are the ones that control the government departments, state owned companies and GLC. Malays are the ones that control the funds in this country. Malays are also the ones that control the largest oil companies and banking industry in this
With all these rights enjoyed by the Malays, what else do you want the Chinese to do? Surrender their houses and savings and their wealth that hey earned with their hard work to the Malays, for no reason? Or ask all the Chinese to renounce their citizenship and go back to China? Have you ever thought that after 30 years of implementing NEP, why it does not achieve the desired result?
Don't forget under the NEP there are a series of policies that favors the Malays. The obvious ones would be the distributions of APs and awarding of contracts. If with all these policies, it still does not give the Malay what they want, what else do you want the Chinese to do?
Is the Chinese to be blamed because they are too hard working? Or the Malays to be blamed because they do not treasure the opportunities given? You know very well the NEP has been misused and it only benefits the cronies. So if you have designed NEP to only benefit the cronies, please don't say it is the problem of Chinese that NEP does not achieve its result. It has nothing to do with the Chinese but NEP and the Malay themselves.

This is a globalised world. Chinese and Malays should not be fighting against each other because Malaysia is competing with other countries. China used to be backward and lagging behind Malaysia but now they have caught up and have even surpassed Malaysia. Can we ask them to slow down their development? If they refuse to listen can we make a complaint to the United Nations that China is developing too fast and this is very unfair to
Malaysia, which adapts a more a passive approach?

Who gave you the right to prevent others from progressing? Who do you think you are? This is a flat world
(obviously Tun did not read the book named "The World is Flat"). Don't be so narrow minded to only focus on the Chinese or Malay in Malaysia. We should now look at the world as a flat world. If Malaysia does not progress, no
matter we are Malay or Chinese, we would be extinct one day!