The Permatang Pasir Inquest and congrats to RPK

PS: Congrats RPK, you were spot on! RPK Predicted BN – 5,500 , PAS – 9,500. Actual results BN 5,067, PAS – 9,618!

The Rembau Times

Well on the bright side, BN managed to prevent PAS from securing the all important five thousand majority. On the dark side, well, we lost again.

Now since the dust has settled, we can agree that PAS had the right formula from day one – which was to attack Rohaizat's character repeatedly. The managements decision not to delay the "come clean" and putting the taking responsibility and putting issue in context as being a storm in the tea cup, in hindsight can be seen to be disastrous.

UMNO may complain – why is it when they attacked DSAI, the voters sided with Anwar, but when PAS attacks UMNO, the voters sided with the attacker? (Well Wenger always says the ruling government is evaluated by the policies of the Government not by character assasination.Its called an assymetric war. If you dont know what it means, then google it!)

Instead, once again, UMNO chose to go on the attack, and singled out Rohaizat's partner for the fall. He duly responded with a full blown press conference akin to the Ramlang Porigi appearance that completely destroyed that line.

UMNO bloggers for some strange reason decided to fight back insinuating that the PAS candidate, Ustz. Salleh Man, was responsible for usurping RM 600,000 party funds. Due to the status befitting bloggers of the ruling party, the press dutifully gave some coverage. This again backfired, when Mujahid Rawa, the person to whom the story attributed as its source completely rubbished the allegations and challenged those said bloggers to a showdown.

The number was promptly reduced to RM 60,000 and then to RM 6,000 if I am not mistaken.

And then PAS casts doubts on Rohaizat's marital status.