Press Statement by the Kg Buah Pala Residents Association

By Tharmaraj, Assistant secretary, KBP Rsidents Association

Lim Guan Eng has stated that he has washed his hands off this issue. But we live here, we have to find a solution for our problems with or without the State Government’s help. It is most unfortunate for a Chief Executive of a State Government to take this negative stand against its rakyat.

Nevertheless we will proceed.

We have decided we will talk to whoever will help us to resolve this issue. This includes the Koperasi to whom the land has been sold by the State Government. We will propose to them that they should consider sharing the land with us so we can retain a Heritage village, even though a smaller one. We are hopeful that the Koperasi will want to talk to us and to resolve this matter amicably, something that the Developer and the State Government has not been able to do up to now. We will be doing this on our very own initiative without the assistance of any political party.

We are reasonable people and we do not seek the double storey houses worth RM500,000 that Lim Guan Eng and his supporters have been talking about. Their objective in doing this is to turn public opinion away from us by making us look like a greedy set of people. What we seek is only to retain our land and our way of life. If we can negotiate a portion of the land from the Koperasi, we will build it up into a Heritage Village.

If we are able to get the Koperasi to agree to sell a portion of the land through our negotiation at a price that is reasonable and which is within the State Governments budget to buy and build on, the State Government should not now start to give some reason and deny us this opportunity again.

We are hopeful that the State Government will work along with us on this solution if it comes to pass. We hope that the State Government will not give any more reasons like bad precedents or that the villagers are being too greedy or arrogant and other such reasons. Here is an opportunity we are creating for the State Government to show to the multiracial society of Penang its sincerity in wanting to take care of the interests of all its citizens.