Ganabatirau is wrong!

By Rwindraj@Cryingvoices

Mr.Murugan was in London with Mr.Waytha Moorthy to solve the problem of Kg.Buah Pala with the World Heritage Trust in Unesco from 27th July 09 until 06th Aug 09, to list Kg.Buah Pala as one of the Heritage Villages in Malaysia.

Based on the remarks by Mr.Ganabatirau, I went on a personal interview with Mr.Murugan in Kg.Buah Pala to know the truth about the luxury life of Mr.Watha Moorthy in London as claimed by Mr.Ganabatirau.

I concluded that Mr.Ganabatirau has a personal agenda when publishing those remarks with the influence by some irresponsible people that are trying to unpin Hindraf as the saviour of the Indian Community who is in the center of marginalisation!

This is the statement by Mr.Murugan: Mr.Waytha is living a life which is below the medium life standard in London. He is staying in a small room approx 10"x12"ft in size. A TV and a fan is the only accessory in his room. Mr.Murugan was sad after noticing the way a prominent lawyer and an Indian Leader was living in exile in the foreign land with only support from the Good Hearted Indians in the UK. He eats only simple fast food which is not expensive and considered the cheapest option in London. As a writer of this article, I have been to London as a Flight Crew about 20 times throughout my career and I agree that fast food is one of the cheapest options there. Although cars are cheaper compared to Malaysia, Mr.Waytha travels on trains and buses as a daily routine. The only people that are supporting his activities there in London financially, is his wife, family members and well wishers in London.

Waytha.jpg Waytha

Ganabatirau is living a far better life here compared to Mr.Waytha Moorthy and we can see clearly that Mr.Waytha is doing a great job from there by releasing articles and statements boldly compared to this Mr.Ganabatirau who has appeared like a mushroom after the rain and suddenly giving this unreasonable claim and accusation! Cheers to you Mr.Ganabatirau, all your efforts have gone down the drain! We proved that all your accusations are wrong…