Why didn’t listen to Nik Aziz?

By Tohkong Mosjid

I am a supporter of good politicians and smart politicians. I hate BN's ways of manipulating everything to stay in power. But as much as I despise BN, sometimes I really find it hard to stomach the stupidity of our PR politicians. My mom used to say, there are 2 illnesses that cannot be cured; stupidity and smartness.

1. PAS Youth Chief, Nasrudin
Damn, you are winning every argument on Rohaizat's ethical flaws and integrity, is there a need to bring the wife (private matter) to politics? Instead of making his life miserable in the confinement of politics, now you make him feel uneasy in his own private home. How will his wife, children and family feel about the news? Why you are trying to shake the husband and wife's harmony? Why cast doubts in his wife's eyes on him as a husband?
There must be better timing to raise such personal matters to Rohaizat instead of making it publicly to gain points on your damn election campaign. This is low and way too low. And if that's not enough, you just open up a venue for BN to whack you back to the core. Yup, whacking you for being so morally low, the same argument you were trying to use on Rohaizat. Brainless idiot.
If you ask me, how will the voters feel? I must warn you that over-attacking Rohaizat will make the voters "mual". Why the heck you all never want to listen to Nik Aziz? He said that PAS will never attack on personal issues….. and yet you actually did it on his private matter on the eve of Ramadhan …. speechless…. Khairy must be laughing now… 
PAS and PR, please change your campaign tactics before it backfires. Use your brain please…. please and I mean at least please TRY to use your brain before doing anything although I know stupidity can't be cured.
2. Selangor's MB RM 66 Million verdict.
Good timing, man. After relentless attacks on Rohaizat by PR, now MB Khalid has to prepare for the same venom for BN. You see why Nik Aziz told you guys to just debate on policies and not personal attacks? Bar Council's statement is more than enough to end Rohaizat's campaign without you guys putting a mouth to it. Now, you guys better get ready on your defences for MB Khalid's past conduct and integrity. 
Prepare your answers for questions from your enemy like:
1. We do not want a controversial MB, replace him!!!
2. From Khir: The value involved is more than my palace. And you say I'm corrupt?
3. MACC: We'll start probing Khalid & Guthrie…
4. PAS Selangor: MB wajar undur diri: HA tawar jadi MB.
I think someone has to modify the London Bridge song to cater for Selangor's situation.
Damn you guys. That's an expensive price to pay when you ignore Nik Aziz's advice.
3. PAS playing to the tune of UMNO's race card.
PAS always wants to perceive and confuse themselves as to having the same objectives as UMNO. Whatever allegations that UMNO raises on race issues, I don't understand why PAS must feel obliged to answer. Can't they just keep reminding themselves of their own slogan "PAS for ALL"? Can't they remind themselves that they are "a religious party who fights for Islam and not a certain race", while UMNO is a race party who will always fight for their race who happens to be all Muslims.
If PAS can always stick to their motto and objectives, they will find all the UMNO allegations are so easy to answer. But the brutal truth is, most PAS people think like UMNO's people…….. 
4. Lack of news/columns on Bahasa Melayu
This, we can blame it on ourselves, since there are so limited news/columns in BM these days besides those offered in Utusan and Berita Harian. I think it is time for us to start writing more and more 1Malaysia (Not PM's 1Malaysia) type of articles in BM to cater to everyone especially those that rely on Bahasa Melayu's MSM for their daily info. We have to do this before it is too late for more and more fence-sitters are falling into the race game played by UMNO everyday. You can't deny that there are still a lot of people who are in agreement with Utusan's and Berita Harian's columnists. 
Last but not least………PAS, please consult Nik Aziz if you are in doubt — at the very least, please follow his advice. Tok Guru Nik Aziz, I really hope you have at least another 10 years ahead, or else we can forget about "PAS for ALL" and PR taking over the federal government.