The end is near…

By steadyaku47

If I am Najib today I will be afraid, very afraid.

He lives and works in Putrajaya – surrounded on all sides by Selangor. To all intents and purposes not his kind of State. Immediately to the North is Perak. Big headache and still a grey area. To be avoided at all cost. Penang is a no go area. Kedah too. Perils is so so – better not do anything there that might tip the scales over to the other side. He can go South to Negri Sembilan and Malacca – but if he blinks he is going to miss those states. Johor is all clear for now – but  Singapore holds too many past memories for Rosmah to allow him to go there unescorted – preferably by her. Pahang should be his safe haven – but with all the clamoring for projects from the ‘faithful’  -big headache too. And do not remind him about the costs overrun of University project. I SAID DO NOT REMIND HIM OF IT! In Trengganu there are just digging one hole to cover another. After  Patrick Lim he was hoping it was going to get better and then that ‘Another Project of Barisan Nasional” the Stadium decided not to cooperate. Malu nak mengadap Yang Di Pertuan Agong. In as far as Kelantan is concern his lips are sealed. Though much is being done to ‘mend ‘ fences with Tok Guru there has been nothing coming back. The least Tok Guru can do is to work with UMNO for Malay Unity but no can do so far…something about 'once bitten twice shy' syndrome.

He can go to Sabah and Sarawak – but if he has got no ammunition to give them – no can talk. And just because they ‘saved’ Barisan in the last election does not mean they can ask for the PM’s post. Melawan tauke lah!

For the first time in his Political life Najib has no one to hide behind. Mahathir was tested before he became PM. He passed. Pak Lah was thrown into the wilderness for years. He survived.

What has Najib been through? MB Pahang? He had the time of his life there while sowing his wild oats at the same time.

Mindef? A walk in the park – it is all take, take, and take. So much to take that even Rosmah got into the act.

Felda? Felda had a massive cash reserve for him to do ‘the right thing’ for the settlers. Try doing the ‘right thing’ without the funds.

The taking of Perak? If he is prepared to associate himself with those three – then Pakatan is better off for it. The next GE will see to it. All we need is patience.

For the first time in his life Najib is on his own. He has to make decisions on his own. Decision that will affect the Nation. Decisions that will determine how long more UMNO will continue to function. He does not have the training to do so.

Look at how he handled Perak. Saiful. And now JJ. With JJ he would rather do something to please JJ then to do the right thing and just put that guy in cold storage. The problem is that JJ has enough dirt on him to be a problem if he does not get his way and become either a Minister or the Ambassador. So like every time that Najib is asked to make choices – he waits and make decision after the facts or he takes the path of least resistance.

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