Keep Away From A(H1N1)

By Suresh

Every other day, every other hospital, clinic, politician, newspaper and country is saying the same whole line, “Avoid Public Places” because of the A(H1NI) which seems to be taking lives every other day and is rapidly spreading. 

Firstly, lets try understanding what public places would mean. As to my understanding, public places would mean places where the public is allowed to wander around freely with no regards to age, gender or nationality. Therefore I would simply categorize shopping malls as a public place. One of the most famous public shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur, to a layman like me, would be the Suria KLCC shopping mall. 

Well, is anyone listening at all? Obviously I’m not; as I have a responsibility to my company and I have to be at work, and I use the public transport and this makes me exposed to the public and I believe every other person is in the same position as I.  

So for now let’s leave us out. Now let’s concentrate on people who can actually avoid the public place and not taking any effort to do so. To a matter of fact I wouldn’t actually blame them, as people that should be their mentor are the ones who are encouraging this if not forcing them into this. Well if you still don’t know who I am referring to, let me be more specific. It’s our school going children from government schools. 

Every other day when I step foot in the Suria KLCC shopping mall, I see if not inside, outside, a large group of students clad in public school uniform having an excursion. Firstly they don’t wear a mask or any protection gear and they are let to wander around freely as they are led by just one or, if they are lucky, two teachers. These kids are just around the age range of 7 years-15 years old. Aren’t the teachers supposed to be advising them not to expose themselves to public places? Do they not know that children at this age group are more exposed to the virus as their immune system is much weaker? 

I don’t really blame the parents; this is because their children are being forced into this. I have a sister at this age and I know what she goes through in school. I guess it is their teachers’ responsibility to make a field trip or some kind of outdoor activity to earn them some points. Well I’ve been seeing excursions like this for months, but could they not halt it till things get better? Why do they have to put lives on risk just to earn their points?  

Please could the responsible minister take some action on this? I will be in KLCC later, and I can be assured to see a new group of school children being led by one or maybe two teachers. Please advise the advisors to advise the school going children. A(H1N1) is significantly dangerous.