Hindraf leader ‘used millions for personal use’

(The Star) HINDRAF activist V. Ganabatirau has accused the outlawed movement’s leader P. Waytha­moorthy of using millions of ringgit collected from the people for personal use while in self-imposed exile in London, Tamil Nesan reported.

He claimed the funds collected by the movement for the five Hindraf leaders who were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) from December 2007 never reached them or their families.

He said that initially, the funds were collected by highlighting the sufferings of the detained leaders and later by focusing on the sufferings of the family members detained.

He said the funds were meant for a civil suit that was to be filed against the British government within three months.

He said he met Hindraf lawyer P. Uthaya­kumar in December 2006 and had actively organised forums and demonstrations together with another Hindraf detainee K. Vasan­tha­kumar on temple demolitions from January to April 2007.

He said the application for permission to hold the Nov 25, 2007, rally to hand over the memorandum to the British government was organised by him and Vasanthakumar, adding that Waythamoorthy contributed nothing to the movement, except being named plaintiff in the suit.