Emergence of ‘wartime’ heroes in Malaysia?

By Guan Sin

Malaysia has been at war for quite some time. Perhaps the tension started after Mar 8, 2008, and the actual battles began in Feb this year when the chief warlord Najib commanded his troops to take over Perak. Malaysia has been at war, in that sense.

So, when the explosive letter of ’shit’ appeared, and if it is genuine, then I say, “whoever did it, I salute you wholeheartedly”. And hence, I call you our wartime hero(es). Wartime heroes require huge courage and the faith that truth will always prevail, something that seems so remote in the light of Teoh Beng Hock affair.

Of course I should take a more cautious approach, as echoed by Jelas, since the letter is unsigned and the author unknown. But I admit I am so starved of hope for Malaysia and the society so deprived of decency that I see any sign of the reversal with jubilation. Call me jumping the gun or anything, but at least can you be kind enough to let me have a minute of breathing space in this suffocating Malaysia? Thank you.

(Signs that the letter is true: it’s type-written on a paper with MACC letterhead, and the allegations go with many [internal?] details related to MACC personnel and procedures. And the letter raises many doubtful areas that pinpoints to the alleged mastermind, Hishamuddin Hashim, who is deputy director of MACC Selangor. It is a letter full of logics and sound reasoning. If it were a poison-pen letter, the author has done an extraordinary job with the unnecessary details and depth.)

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