The dumbass DPM that we have

By The People's Parliament

I’m almost certain that if there was a turnaround in UMNO policy tonight, as a result of which, starting tomorrow, all UMNO members must undergo an independently conducted IQ test as a prerequisite to retaining their party membership, Muhyiddin would wake up the next day to find himself party-less.

This national embarassment now wants BN’s Permatang Pasir by-election candidate and disbarred lawyer Rohaizat Othman to make a statutory declaration to clarify the actual position on the cancellation of his licence to practice law.

Look, Najib swore on the Qur’an that he had nothing to do with ‘that Mongolian woman’ and nobody believes him, so what are we to make of Rohaizat’s SD, if ever he has the audacity to swear out one?

Ignore the findings of an Inquiry Tribunal and a Disciplinary  Tribunal established by law to look into complaints against advocates and solicitors?

Ignore the decision, based on the facts, of the Disciplinary Board, to strike Rohaizat’s name off the rolls?

Ignore the decision of the High Court to dismiss Rohaizat’s appeal against his being struck off the rolls?

Because of one SD to clarify the position?

What position?

The ill-gotten gain from the dastardly act has been returned to its rightful owner?

The rightful owner is no longer interested in pursuing the complaint, because there has been restitution?

And therefore, no harm done?

Is that the position?

If so, dumbo, listen carefully as I’ll only explain this once.

Unlike UMNO, the Malaysian Bar does not care to suffer dishonest fellows in their ranks.

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