Ramli: guilty – Muhyiddin: not scared

Is Ramli guilty of abuse of power for using a government aircraft for what they allege is non-government business (although he actually was on government business)? In that case, is not the Deputy Prime Minister equally guilty for using a government aircraft for non-government business (Umno business is NOT government business)?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Former police CCD director, Dato' Ramli Yusuff, was charged in the Kota Kinabalu High Court for alleged abuse of power. He is said to have abused his power and thereby committed a corrupt act when he used a police department Cessna for his private use, in particular when it is alleged he brought two non-police officers on board.

Actually, when he took that flight, he was fully uniformed and on official duty as a police Director (see details below). Furthermore, he was duly escorted by other uniformed police officers to attend pre-arranged and well-documented official meetings with specified itinerary.

The IGP, who testified in Ramli’s trial as the Prosecution’s 75th witness, contradicted much of the evidence previously given by other Senior Officers and Directors of the PDRM.

The issue is: is Ramli guilty of abuse of power for using a government aircraft for what they allege is non-government business (although he actually was on government business)? In that case, is not the Deputy Prime Minister equally guilty for using a government aircraft for non-government business (Umno business is NOT government business)? And while Ramli is said to have brought two non-police officers on board a police aircraft, Muhyiddin brought 14 non-army personnel on board a military aircraft.


Ramli has breached regulations, IGP testifies
The Sabah Times, 26 June 2009

KOTA KINABALU, SABAH: Former police Commercial Crimes Investigations Department director Datuk Ramli Yusuff has breached police regulations by taking two civilians on board a police aircraft, the Sessions Court heard yesterday.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said that no civilians were allowed on board the Police Air Wing aircrafts when it was on operational duties.

Musa, who was testifying in the graft trial of Ramli here yesterday, said that the latter had breached the regulations during a period when he was on approved official leave between June 12 -24, 2007.

“Civilians were not allowed in operational flights for security reasons,” he said during examination-in-chief by deputy public prosecutor Kevin Morais.

Musa was testifying in the trial of Ramli who is charged with abusing his public office by the unauthorised use of a Royal Malaysian Police Cessna Caravan aircraft for pecuniary gain.

Ramli, 56, is accused of using the aircraft in order to view two pieces of land in Ulu Tungku, Lahad Datu, owned by Kinsajaya, wherein Syarikat Kinsajaya has an interest in the said lands.

The offence was allegedly committed at 7.50am on June 15, 2007 at the Sabah Police Air Unit in Tanjung Aru, here.

He was charged under Section 15(1) of the Anti-Corruption Act, which carries imprisonment not exceeding 20 years and a minimum fine of RM10, 000 on conviction.

Musa told judge Supang Lian that the reason for civilians being barred onboard during an operational flight was because they had to ensure the secrecy of the operations was not jeopardized.

He agreed with the DPP that Ramli, as a director of CCID and a former Sabah Police Commissioner, was senior officer who must be aware that he cannot take civilians on a police aircraft.

“High-ranking officers generally know that they should not bring civilians onboard operational flights. He (Ramli) should know,” said Musa who explained that operational flights involved surveillance, coastal patrols, air patrols and other duties to assist to carry out operations.

Musa said that he was unaware whether Ramli’s views had been sought in 2007 by the then director of Internal Security and Public Order during cross examination by defence counsel Datuk James Tsai.

Asked if it was reasonable for Ramli as a former state commissioner to take steps to enquire into matters like illegal immigrant problem, Musa replied: “Before directors of departments carried out their duties which involve other departments they need to discuss with the IGP. This is to ensure a joint action could be carried out. It would be reasonable if they discussed with the IGP first.”

Asked if it was possible for Ramli to discuss with the then director of Internal Security first before meeting the IGP, he replied: “We don’t operate that way, whenever two directors discuss relating to each department’s matters they first have to discuss with IGP so that coordination could be carried out. They can discuss first but they must bring them up to the IGP.”

Tsai also questioned Musa on the various definitions of the Inspector General’s Standing Order and also police flight operating procedures and the Civil Aviation regulations.

Musa will continue his testimony today.


Helicopter Carrying Muhyiddin Makes Emergency Landing In Tuaran
Bernama, 16 August 2009

KOTA KINABALU, SABAH: A military Nuri helicopter carrying Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin made an emergency landing in Tuaran, about 45km from here, due to bad weather.

There were 14 other passengers (civilians) in the helicopter, including Muhyiddin's press secretary Datuk Ainon Mohd and Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Yahya Hussin.

All passengers, however, escaped unhurt.

According to Ainon, they were heading to the Kota Kinabalu International Airport from Kudat after the deputy minister opened the Kudat Umno division meeting at about 1.45pm (non-government and non-military business).

"He is scheduled to open the Penampang Umno division meeting later today," she told Bernama here.

Ainon said following the incident, Muhyiddin had asked Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman to open the Umno meeting in Penampang on his behalf.

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters at the airport before leaving for Kuala Lumpur, Muhyiddin said he was grateful that all passengers in the helicopter were safe.

While admitting that this was the first time he ever experienced the suspense of an emergency landing, Muhyiddin said:"I think the pilot had made the right decision (emergency landing) because the weather was really bad."


Muhyiddin: Corruption allegations don’t scare me
The Malaysian Insider, 18 August 2009

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dismissed a corruption complaint filed by PKR over his use of a military helicopter to attend Umno meetings in Sabah.

The deputy Umno president did not, however, offer any explanation as to why he used a military helicopter to fulfill his party duties.

“It (the allegations) does not scare me at all. It is a blatant example of how short on ideas Pakatan (Rakyat) are that they have to start coming up with something like this,” he told reporters here today when asked to comment on PKR’s recent allegations of corruption against him.

Yesterday, PKR Youth leaders lodged a complaint against Muhyiddin with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over his alleged abuse of government property for personal use.

This was first highlighted by the news agency Bernama when the DPM flew on a military helicopter to attend the Penampang UMNO division meeting in Sabah after he officiated another division party meeting in Kudat.

PKR Pantai Jerjak assemblyman Sim Tze Min, who lodged the report, said that the news coverage had clearly shown that Muhyiddin was abusing government property for a non-governmental purpose, which was tantamount to corruption.

However, the No.2 leader in the government appeared unfazed by the accusation.

“These are views that they should just keep to themselves as they are purposely creating a lot of problems for people,” stated Muhyiddin.



Dato' Ramli Yusuff's letter to the media