Another by-election in Kedah?

(Bernama) – Is another by-election on the cards? Going by a letter that has been sent by the Kedah office of the Election Commission to its headquarters in Putrajaya, it looks like there is going to be one in the state soon.

The letter pertained to the status of Kota Siputeh state assemblyman Abu Hassan Sarif, who had allegedly failed to attend the state legislative assembly meeting for two days and was, therefore, liable to be evicted from his seat.

Kedah EC director Zainal Abidin Zakaria said his office received the letter from state assembly Speaker Dr Abdul Isa Ismail on Monday.

He said Dr Isa had claimed that Abu Hassan had lost his seat as he had failed to attend the state assembly meetings on April 19 and Aug 9.

Matter in hands of EC Hq

"This matter will be handled by our headquarters. The EC legal division will study it," Zainal Abidin told Bernama Wednesday.

He added that he was still waiting for a directive from the EC headquarters

Abu Hassan, who is also the Umno Jerlun division chief is a four-term state assemblyman for Kota Siputeh.

What constitution says

Dr Isa said that under Section 51 of the state constitution, assemblymen who failed to attend two assembly meetings consecutively will automatically lose his or her membership and has to vacate his or her seat.

He is scheduled to hold a press conference on the Kota Siputeh seat at 10am Thursday at his Wisma Darul Aman office.