RPK (RIP) Amok Again

Gopal Raj Kumar

He is at it again. The man who calls himself a journalist, persecuted and one who for no apparent reason is being hounded by the government of Malaysia.


Raja Petra Kamarudin better known by his initials of “RPK” to his many followers has come out from wherever it is he has been holed up as a fugitive from justice to slander and to vilify Muslims the world over. He does it with such confidence that it beggars belief how this man could have been allowed to run amok with impunity for so long. This could well have been his swan song.

Had it not been for his lack of credibility, this man could have wreaked damage far greater than his own sick mind could have imagined. RPK is an opportunist and self centered attention seeker. He says things the ‘red necks’ of Alabama would be embarrassed to hear. However that of itself is no excuse as to why he should be allowed to slander and villify so many for so long.

RPK on an earlier occasion vilified the Malay race in his infamous reference to them as ‘Bodohs’ (the Malay word for fool or idiot) whilst in the same breath holding himself up as an authority on Islam vilifying its adherents in the same article on the subject.

He likes his blind followers to believe he is egalitarian. He denounces the Malay dominated Barisan Nasional government of Malaysia and anyone whose view of his distorted world is different. He demands justice and freedom of expression whilst excising from his website appropriately titled Malaysia Today, any view that is even remotely contrarian to his absolute beliefs.

RPK is also anti establishment as he claims to be. Although he is a creature of the establishment and a by product of some of its excesses, the unaccountable royalty, RPK will not jettison that title of his of Raja (from the Sanskrit which translates to Prince or ruler) because it is convenient a ‘fig leaf’ for him to retain. It allows him as he believes to punch above his weight. His intellectual weight that is, whilst affording himself some degree of protection his royal credentials would allow for.

His latest out burst is an admission that he promotes hate as he practices it. The man fails to realise that even if such a claim were meant to be ‘tongue in cheek’ he has further tightened the noose around his neck for the admission of an offence which if not actionable in Malaysia is likely to be grounds enough for his ejection from the UK, Australia, New Zealand or other jurisdiction where he is believed to be in hiding at present .

His failure to substantiate his claims which in essence in his latest outburst claims that Islam and the Prophet taught him to hate is further proof of the need for this man to be apprehended and to be tried then locked away for as long as is necessary.

For those who believe the ISA is an anachronism in this day and age, there is RPK there to remind them of its need. It will only be a matter of time before a more radical and less patient of forgiving sector of the community come out with their responses to the outbursts of this man and his followers.

RPK was last known to be with relatives and friends of his wife in Thailand. Rumours have been circulating off late that RPK had died early in the week. It is further rumoured that he was terminally ill prior to his departure from Malaysia before he was due to appear in court on charges of defaming the prime minister.