Is Pakatan Rakyat ready to rule?

By Hafidz Baharom (The Malaysian Insider)

AUG 19 — I actually posed the title question on The Star’s Citizen blog for some feedback from anonymous sources. I had also requested that the answer be a simple yes or no, without going any further into explaining the details.

Obviously there are those who couldn’t help themselves.

So the results of the poll (excluding my vote) after 32 comments were:

15 no, 12 yes and 5 spoilt votes

Since I’m a firm believer in transparency, I’ll list out the spoilt votes for you to read.

First spoilt vote came from hoeyin who writes:

“Khalid Ibrahim — YES

Lim Guan Eng — OK la

Anwar and PAS — big NO NO….”

I consider this a spoilt vote because you have to accept Pakatan Rakyat as a whole, PAS, DAP and all. I give the same argument for the spoilt votes of wwjd88, klyong2502 and watansatria.

That would be four spoilt votes showing bias towards a single party in Pakatan Rakyat, and not the whole coalition.

The fifth spoilt vote was more of an “abstain” vote from theraj, who writes:

“Hey hey hold it. All those who voted YES must not disagree with the government for reverting teaching to Bahasa. You cannot disagree with the government for doing exactly what the opposition wanted.

“Hafidz, I am so confused. Can I stay neutral?”

Better the devil you know

I was surprised that some of the comments were stating that it was okay for them to be cheated by BN for the past 52 years because they didn’t do it directly in their faces. In fact, the comment even suggests that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition wouldn’t do any better.

Some were also distrustful of the Pakatan due to their continuous infighting as highlighted by the media.

The first chink in the armour was no other than PAS’s Husam Musa insisting that PAS would be implementing hudud law should it be in federal governance. This question was, of course, posed by Khairy Jamaluddin.

It was only after this that the top leaders of each party signed a declaration that they would come up with decisions that were agreed upon by all three members of the coalition.

However, further issues then came to the forefront.

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