I did not try to, but I always instill PASSION into my students, my athletes and my football team. I tell them that they must be winners and that coming out 2nd is to be a winner amongst losers. However, none of us can be #1 all the time, but you will be a winner if at the end of your quest you tell yourself that you did your best and you injected passion into the task. You are a winner.

By Zorro

However Passion has its dark side too. Being passionately in love can cloud our reasoning. Being passionate about an ideology or a belief can negate alternatives. This morning at the Permatang Pasir, I saw passion plaayed out in various shades.

Duke, Shanghai, Gus and I followed some instructions and landed on the wrong divide. We parked and walked into the Barisan side. We knew it but just went ahead. Duke and Gus wore their anak bangsa malaysia tees and I wore a Tok Guru tee. I stood out like a sore thumb and some UMNO suporters cast looks that sent the same message that a UMNO guy said to me, smiling: You have come to the wrong side. I acknowledge with a reciprocal smile. None of the UMNO people taunted me. I salute them. I always have said that there are many good people in UMNO, it is the politicians that have exploited their members.

To get to the Pakatan side we trespassed a rambutan plantation by scaling fences three times. When we finally got to the PR side and was just settling down to do the necessary observations, this uncalled for thing happened. There was loud booing, jeering and taunting. Like us, an UMNO Puteri too strayed unknowingly into the PR camp. That was downright bullying and bullying a girl at that.This predominantly PAS crowd MUST NOT GO THIS ROUTE AGAIN. If Tok Guru was around this would not have happened and Tok Guru cannot be everywhere, can he? Think about this, PLEASE.