MACC — My many questions!

By Sim Kwang Yang

tiong KSThe Star headline on Sunday reported that MACC officers went to Tiong King Sing’s office and interviewed him from 2 pm until 6.30 pm in the presence of Tiong’s lawyers.

Why was Tiong NOT summoned to the MACC HQ and denied legal assistance, as was done against several aides to DAP dignitaries in Selangor?  Why was Tiong not summoned in the evening and questioned for 10 hours till early the next morning in the way Teoh Beng Hock was interviewed?

Why was Tiong not immediately arrested as a suspect, and if he resisted arrest, immediately beaten up, as was done to Wong Chuan How, personal aide to Ronnie Liew?

Is it because Tiong King Sing is a powerful Barisan National personality and a rich person in his capacity as the CEO of Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd that he was given courteous treatment that was denied to those opposition people?

The Star also carried a report in the same day on Page 4 a suggestion by MACC director of investigation Datuk Mohd Shukri Abdull that all investigations involving political cases be suspended.

I do not understand what he means by “political cases”, but from the way he grumbles and mumbles, it probably means those probes into the Selangor PR government people.  If so, I recommend that his suggestion be accepted by whoever is in charge in MACC.  If ‘political cases” include those connected to the PKFZ black hole, then I disagree.

By the way, pardon my ignorance, who is in charge in the MACC anyway?  Who is the top dog in that organisation?  To whom shall I complain if I suspect the MACC top dog of corruption himself?  Who is to guard me against the guard supposed to watch all the other guards?

Wong Chuan How’s arrest gives rise to even more questions.

How and why do the MACC people decide to initiate any probe into allegations of corruption?  Which person or branch inside the MACC says at any point in time, “Right, we open a file on this case and start investigating it.”  On what ground does he make such a decision?  Are there definite rules for such decisions to be made?