LGE, the saviour of Kg Buah Pala

By Wong Mun Chee

Dear Guan Eng, you are the savour of Kg Buah Pala, not an iota doubt of it. Some stupid cowherds who have been living over 200 years standing surely can be a sore eye for the development of Penang. 

Don’t they know that we need development in Penang? Don’t they know that Guan Eng is doing them a favour by negotiating with the Developer? Imagine at least you are negotiating and manage to obtain for the villagers a landed property in the shape of 1200 sq feet double storey terrace houses, that you then claimed to have set a dangerous precedence as it has not been done before.

Sorry, I like to correct you on this for your own benefit Guan Eng. There were some places in Sg Ara given compensation of 4000 sq feet double storey detach houses for each family way back before 2004 & the developers even rented a row of houses to accommodate the villagers while waiting for the completion of their new houses. Mind you, these were squatters. Then the spin on the $3.5 Million compensation for each household. Spinlah Guan Eng for development but spinlah with facts and cover your ass. You see those days, Mahathir spinned for Malaysia to become a developed nation though yet to achieve developed nation. His advantage was no internet, no blogger and low level of public participation during those times. This is not the same in the current scenario.

These days, you want to spin, then spin with facts for supposedly an educated public to convince them that development is more important that the truth or social justice that embodies human rights and equality. Guan Eng, you got a lot to learn, but be careful in your spinning for development, okay!!. No, Guan Eng I don’t blame you, we need development but don’t be so anxious, can’t blame you, only 1st term Mah!!!.   

All that we all need in Malaysia is material development, correct Guan Eng, who cares about truth, social justice or for the matter the ecology. If the BN could do it and continue doing it with the acceptance of the public then why it should be any difference in Penang. Penang also need development to match what BN can do, correct!!!.

Those villagers in Kg Buah Pala don’t understand material development. They just want to live like how they have always lived. Aiyah!!!, why they don’t understand material development, so stupid and causing all kind of problems. They don’t understand Penang needs to be another Singapore with more material development. Why waste the green space and nature when Nusmetro, the dodgy Developer being a UMNO linked company can put up so many apartments and create development in Penang. You scratch my back, I scratch your back in the name of development. That’s my boy. 

Your meeting with Lee Kuan Yew must be good, now I notice Singapore Airlines promoting heavily flights between Penang and Singapore and other countries. That is why we need development and these villagers don’t understand this. All those wasted investors who would only enrich the Developer and themselves for the hindrance created by these villagers. What to do Guan Eng?  

Yes run more polls, spin more but try to do it with facts, show material development prone public that these villagers are greedy, and unreasonable in believing in truth and social justice. Well, Mahathir did it for 22 years and they accepted it, do you really think that the public have changed although the state government has changed in Penang. Not a chance. Isn’t it so easy and a piece of cake to sway the public’s thought because you act as the Chief Minister, as Mahathir was the Prime Minister in the pretext of material development.   

Fight those villagers, alienate them, make them look like monsters with your machineries and the spinmasters because we the public heed your voice for material development as oppose to truth and social justice. Yes Guan Eng, you are the master and the chosen one, we are your slaves for material growth at least in Penang as truth and social justice is collateral damage.          

Ah, yes the court hearing is coming up soon, I am sure the BN linked Nusmetro will be able to ensure that the villagers lose, so that is one head ache less for you to make sure that material development continues. Good that none of the DAP lead government lawyers offered any assistance to these villagers in their plight. It sure is a home run Guan Eng.   

Way to go Guan Eng, you make my day.