The fate of 3 helpful witnesses

By Lee Wee Tak

My friend recently got in a cab in KLIA and had the misfortune to catch a 70 year old cabbie in a foul mood. What he told my friend that got to me can be unprintable but he did mention a point that I find pertinent.

"When we read newspapers" he said, "read many stories and try to link them together to see what's developing."

Can't disagree with him. I got off my lazy ass, plow through some newspaper and decided to look at the fate of 3 helpful Malaysians in aid of the Malaysian legal process.

The first chap is Mr. Teoh Beng Hock. MACC officially declared that he is or was a witness in their probe and it is not of MACC's interest that he is dead. Well dead he is and he died in MACC premises. If this is how MACC treats helpful witness, then they are literally killing off their sources of information.

The second chap is Mr. Wong Chuan How, PA to YB Ronnie Liu. According to reports in Chinese newspapers, Mr. Wong received request for evidence from MACC. He duly prepared the relevant documents and waited at his service centre yesterday (Friday).

MACC officers arrive at 9am (bravo, a bunch of motivated civil servants for a change). 5 officers (a number considered necessary in MACC's SOP to confront one 50 year old man, I suppose?) went up to the office and requested Mr. Wong to follow them back to Putrajaya. Mr. Wong decided to follow Selangor Menteri Besar's instruction to get his lawyer to accompany him to the MACC office and in this case, it was YB Cha Kee Chin, ADUN for Bukit Kepayang.

In YB Cha's words, "Wong was very co-operative, had all the documents prepared and waited 'respectfully' in the location and at the time as instructed by MACC."

Mr. Wong wanted to lodge a report at Sungai Pelek Police Station before going to Putrajaya. A bit tedious but given what happen to Mr. Teoh and MB's advice, it sounds prudent and orderly to me. Anyway the MACC officers agreed with this.

Unfortunately, when Mr. Wong walked out of the office, the 3 officers who waited outside his office proceeded to grab him and in the ensuing struggle, injured Mr. Wong.

Here are some photos that Utusan Malaysia missed out:

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