Tiong: RM10m was donation for MCA activities!

By KOK SU CHIN/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily

Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd chief executive Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said the RM10 million he offered to MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat was donation.

On Thursday, Tee Keat wanted Tiong to explain whether the RM10 million was loan, donation, or bribery.

Tiong told Sin Chew Daily on Friday that the money was donation for MCA's activity fund.

He said if things would develop into this situation, he would have insisted to issue a cheque instead of cash.

"I helped you. So I was willing to donate RM10 million and didn't ask for repayment. However, your party members said that I didn't give you the money and were trying to ruin the reputation of you and MCA. I feel this is very unfair.

"I've ended up nowhere. And now the bank is after me."

Tee Keat's second question: If it was donation, as the donor, Tiong should know where the money had gone.

Tiong replied, "I've given you the money. God knows whom you've given the money to? Now you ask me where the money has gone!"

"I've given you the money. God knows whom you've given the money to?"

Question 3: The fifth ride on the private jet was done on Tiong's invitation.

"Yes, I indeed invited you aboard the jet, because I saw that your flight was delayed, so I invited you, along with Datuk Wee Ka Siong.

"I admit I've previously given you the wrong message.

"From what I've learned from my subordinates, Ong's office knew that they had to pay the fuel charges."

Tiong said Ong Tee Keat had never mentioned any amount of assistance, and that the amount was proposed by him to Ong.

He said someone had requested him to offer assistance to Ong and MCA, as he had political influences and network, and could help revitalise MCA. As such, he agreed to unconditionally offer financial assistance to MCA.

"I'm a part of BN. If BN could keep East Malaysia but not West Malaysia, this would affect the entire BN, especially MCA. So I agreed to donate to MCA as activities fund."

Nevertheless, Tiong refused to disclose the identity of the person involved, whether he was a politician or from MCA.

Also a MP for Bintulu, Tiong said he was not really a "close friend" of Ong, but he respected Ong and never questioned him how he would handle the money, because he was MCA president.

Other than political parties, he often offered financial assistance to Chinese associations as well as non-governmental organisation, including sponsoring needy students to study overseas without asking for repayment.

He said when he promised to donate the money to MCA, he did not ask Ong for any project or to endorse him in the PKFZ project, as his company had already completed the works.

"If I was unhappy with him or the authorities for investigating the PKFZ incident, would I invite him to take the flight with me in April?"

He also said the MACC had contacted his deputy CEO to make arrangements to further understand the details.

Tiong said he welcomed the MACC to investigate the RM10 million donation: "We're willing to cooperate and assist."