Great, now assure the rest of us, PAS

The People's Parliament

Malaysianinsider reports that PAS has assured its partners in the Pakatan Rakyat that it is committed to this loose political alliance, are in agreement with the other two component parties to form a common platform, the details of which are now in the hands of Zaid Ibrahim.

That report quotes a Pakatan leader who was present at the top-dogs meeting yesterday as saying that “PAS is committed but feels a need to bring up issues concerning Islam, but they acknowledged the need to articulate such issues better.”

Bring up issues touching on Islam, by all means.

Don’t, however, dictate who can and cannot respond to the points of view you raise.

And as you raise those issues, keep sight of lessons you ought to have learnt from the past.

Like, how you fell for Dr M’s needling in 2003, came out with your Islamic state blueprint, and got gazoomed in the 2004 GE.

We’re not naive to think that you’ve given up your aspiration to turn our country into an Islamic state, whatever that might mean, and whoever’s brand of Islam you have in mind.

We’ll respect your aspiration.

Please respect the aspiration of a great many of us to retain our nation as a secular state, as was clearly intended by the founding fathers.

And please, please, don’t join the ranks of some dishonest religionists who will want to equate ’secular’ with being ‘anti-God’.