Diehard Hardcore PR Supporters’ Oath

By Hakim Joe 

Woe befalls anyone daring enough to write and comment anything that diverges with the Pakatan politicians’ thoughts and actions, for they shall be condemned, ridiculed and chastised. Despair ensue those who attempt to correct the Pakatan politicians, for they shall be castigated, scorned and denounced. It is consequently now preordained that any detractors shall undergo the experience of perpetual hellfire and brimstone in the encapsulating darkness of Hades.

Oh, high and mighty Pakatan Rakyat politicians. We undeservedly beseech your eternal absolution and revered exculpation as the unredeemed serves to emasculate your divine tasks. We shall pledge to become the undying and abiding protectors of your faith. We shall promise to devote our undying effort to undertake the consecrated responsibility to strike down any unworthy person who challenges your inviolable authority and we shall call forth the holy powers that have been bestowed in us to rid the devils in our midst. No longer shall the unrepentant be tolerated and permitted to write and provide comment(s) hereafter as we shall mount a campaign of unremitting destruction against those who dare in doing so. 

Oh, high lords of Pakatan Rakyat, ultimate saviours of Malaysia. Forgive not those of their criticality, for they remain unsighted and unlearned. As we continue to seek out those who willingly choose to criticize your sacrosanct actions and beatified words, please bless us our divine quest as we shall leave no stone unturned and allow no dissenting critique go unpunished. We shall aspire to denigrate those who defy your sanctified word, employing four lettered words as and when necessary for these are the scum of the earth and warrant no mercy. Consent your righteousness to be our everlasting guiding light as we go in search of those who choose to veer off the hallowed path. 

Let it be known henceforth that those who tempt fate by disagreeing with the God-chosen Ones shall never be allowed to remain in peace for their injudicious comments and write-ups, for these virtuous and honourable Pakatan politicians are infinitely incapable of any wrongdoings. To err is human but we know that your esteem lordships are god personified and therefore above the errors of humankind.  

Oh, venerated political saints of Pakatan Rakyat. Please grant us your pure and unblemished godly blessings as we set forth in our justified and upright pursuit of these sinful beings who dare utter a single word against you. 

In Pakatan Rakyat we trust.