Death at MACC: My CSI IX- The shoe! The shoe!

By Dr. Rafick

1. The TBH inquest yesterday focused on his right shoe. I received some photograph of the shoe from readers and the same image of the show also appeared on various MSM and online media. I read the line of questions that was posed to the investigating officer. I must say, I am disappointed with the quality of questions being asked.

2. The way the questions was asked as if the lawyers were trying to imply that he was killed elsewhere in the MACC office and he was dragged to the window and then threw out of the window.

3. Let us analyze the sole of the Right shoe and some other picture in MACC office and by looking at the shoe I would not even considering asking such questions. It does not add value.
The picture of the Right shoe showed that heel of the right shoe has come off and there is scraped mark on the sole of the shoe especially on the outer side of the shoe. The upper surface of the shoe is normal. To appreciate the difference one need to compare with pictures of his left shoe that is available on the internet.

4. The police say that he could probably have been dragged on his side and not from behind based on the marks on the shoe heel. This is a flawed thinking. If someone ones to move a motionless body, he would approach the body from behind and put his hand under the arms of TBH and then pull it as such. No one will drag on a motionless body on its side as it simply takes too much effort and difficult to do. Furthermore one would expect other marks on the trousers.

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