Sarawak: 10 point-land policy

By Charles Gau


1. All lands in Sarawak belong to the people and the government only holds the land in trust for the people. This is the original and traditional status of land in Sarawak. In this respect, the term “state land” ought to be changed to “people’s land” or “tanah rakyat”.

2. Land should be made available to all landless and needy Sarawakian families. NO Sarawak families should become squatters in their own land. 

3. All Lands, especially residential should be issued with grants in perpetuity or for 999 years. All lands currently held with 60 years or 90 years lease periods should be automatically converted to lands with such leases, with no further payment of premiums except for a nominal administrative charge. 

4. Party Keadilan Rakyat (or a Party Keadilan Rakyat led) government will conduct a complete review of the Sarawak Land Code, with firm objectives of removing all “anti people” and unjust provisions that are designed to confer arbitrary powers on authorities like the State Planning Authority, which has now the power to take away land from the people and giving it to those who are well connected with the government. 

5. We are totally opposed to the Barisan Nasional government’s imposition of high premiums on the renewal of leases, with a minimum of 25% (for agricultural lands), and 60% (for residential lands) and to take up to 75% (for commercial lands), of the current market value. A Party Keadilan Rakyat (or Party Keadilan Rakyat led) government will abolish such premiums. 

6. All Native Customary Rights (NCR) Lands must be surveyed and proper titles issued to the rightful owners. Native Customary Rights (NCR) must be accorded with full and complete recognition under the Sarawak Constitution and Laws such as the Sarawak Land Code.

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