Kg Buah Pala: Waiting ends, developer moves in

(The Star) 10.25am: The workers in safety gear and armed with sledgehammers stopped from walking further.

10:20am: FRU personnel moved in between the two groups. Residents keep hurling abuses and shouting at the workers and contractors. Two bulldozers trying to make their way in. Residents say they have assurance from state police chief that no demolition would be carried out.

10am: Some 100 workers walk to the village. Residents, members of NGOs and political parties forming the barricade shout "samseng keluar". Police move in.

9.40am: Court officials and bailiff, developer Nusmetro Ventures Sdn Bhd director Gary Ho and executive director Thomas Chan were seen at the moblile police station. Contractors and workers walk towards the village. Villagers shouted at them to stay back

GEORGE TOWN: Police have cordoned off the entire Kampung Puah Bala as the deadline for the residents to move out ends Thursday.

Bulldozers have been put on standby to move in to demolish the houses after most of the residents failed to take up the offer of a doube-storey house.

The situation is described as tense.

Scores of residents and members of non-governmental organisations are sitting in the rain to form a blockade. Two cars were also used to block off the main road of the village.

The police have set up a temporary mobile centre.