Home Ministry Cheating in ISA Online Poll!

By 1BlackMalaysia

If you took part in the ISA poll on ikdn.gov.my early, you would remember that the responses were clearly anti-ISA for all the questions.

However, at this moment, positive and negative reponses for the 1st and 4th questions are more or less balanced now.

It is obvious that there have been some efforts by KDN to dramatically increase the number of pro-ISA responses in such a short time.

The real givaway is – they never bothered to manipulate the reponses for the other 3 questions: For the 1st and 4th questions, there are more than 25,000 responses in total, for other questions, only 10,000+. Isn't it even more obvious?

Check out the site and look at the comparison of poll results for all 5 questions. Why are there different totals to each question?

This shows that the government can't face up to the truth on what the people want with regards to the ISA. And what's the use for having such a poll when you have no interest in listening to the views of the people?