Bolehland Bullshit

By The Daily Wil

Oh yes. The masters of Bolehland, with their seemingly eloquent speeches and rallying cries, bringing together in unison the masses. How the bloody hell are they able do this?

Last I checked, running towards Platform 9 3/4  gave me a concussion. So magic cannot possibly be involved.

Investitures happen to those who invest in political capital, much of it where the returns are most fruitful. And as with orthodox investment strategies, they do not place all their eggs in one basket.

So they put their eggs in different baskets. No. Actually they crack an egg, then separate the yolk and the white into two different baskets. Bullshit? That’s exactly what it is!

Gordon Brown once announced that he is committed to “British jobs for British workers”. Gordon Brown is also leading a government with the most liberal stance on immigration (much to do with the fact that they have the Tories as a benchmark. The difference between the say and do is pretty much obvious.

This is how politicians satisfy more than one camp. To win the hearts of the majority is the aim of every politician. Therefore this method, which intellectuals call ‘political doublespeak’ (to the rest of us it’s just ‘bullshit’), is unsurprisingly popular to employ. There are many ways to doublespeak, but I’d like to enlighten you on one. For now.

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