A day in the evil of Utusan Malaysia

By Guan Sin

At my home town on a weekday, and I did the stupid thing: bought a copy of Utusan Malaysia. It’s for a purpose – for this blog. We all know how ‘evil’ Utusan, a paper owned by UMNO, has been in fanning racism lately. So here is my take on a Monday.

On the front page, you have “Lagi laungan Anwar pengkhianat bangsa” (”More calls of ‘Anwar traitor of Malay race’”). It’s basically riding on the events in UMNO Division of Johor Bahru and Balik Pulau, Penang.

The same tune continues on page 4, with the article titled “Lebih ramai diminta jadi saksi” (”More are called to be witness”) – to be witness in court that ‘Anwar is indeed a traitor of Malay race’.

On page 11, the opinion piece by one Dr. Mohd. Azam Rauzan, titled “Pakatan samseng boleh hancurkan negara” (”An alliance of gangster can destroy the nation”) is probably the most utusan of all. In one of the paragraphs:

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