1Malaysia versus Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Dr Koh Tsu Koon wants us to respect the Constitution. Aiyah, what is this Apek talking about? That is exactly what we are trying to tell them, respect the Constitution. But not only Article 153 of the Constitution. All the other Articles as well.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

People Should Respect The Federal Constitution, Says Tsu Koon
Monday, 10 August 2009 10:43

(Bernama) — Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said Malaysians were expected to accept and respect the Federal Constitution, including Article 153 on the special privileges for Malays, to achieve the 1Malaysia concept.

This, he said, was crucial for the country, with its multi-racial society, to realise Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's concept of 1Malaysia.

"We have to have a holistic and balanced view where those who drafted the constitution and the country founders have placed a strong foundation which takes into account historical and political facts, and also on economy," he told reporters after giving a speech at the annual conference of Malaysian student leaders here Sunday.

Koh said the country was now faced with challenges and the spirit from the constitution should be used to unite the people of all races.

"The challenge now is how we can use and empower this spirit to unite Malaysians under the 1Malaysia concept," he added.


Hishammuddin Dreams Of A United Malaysia
Monday, 10 August 2009 11:24

(Bernama) – MELBOURNE:  Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said he has the same dream his grandfather Datuk Onn Jaffar had about 50 years ago – a united Malaysia.

Speaking at a well-attended seminar here titled "Racial integration and its challenges" organised by Melbourne Umno Club yesterday, the Minister of Home Affairs said the topic was close to the heart of all Malaysians.

"It is one that is very close to me personally being the grandson of Datuk Onn (Jaffar) who wanted to open Umno to all races and as the son of Tun Hussein "Bapa Perpaduan," Hishammuddin said.

He said the 1Malaysia concept introduced and promoted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was a revival of Onn's dream of a united Malaysia — many races but one Malaysia.

"I continue to dream of a united Malaysia and I continue to hold on to that dream," said Hishammuddin to an applause from more than 200 Malaysian students.

But he admitted integration in Malaysia was becoming much more difficult and full of challenges.

"For example, even education and schools can easily become the place in which we can be most emotional," Hishammuddin said.

"On the issue of language between multilingualism and mother tongue, the preservation of indigenous and ethnic languages, and the position of Bahasa Malaysia could easily turn ugly for the whole world to see.

"The decision to teach Science and Maths in English can easily raise heated cultural and ethnic linguistic defence," he said.

Hishammuddin said, though the odds for racial integration in Malaysia "are against us, though it may still be a dream that has yet to materialise, we must continue to hold on to that dream, work hard at it with sincerity, honesty and integrity".


That is what Bernama said. Also read what Kim Quek said in the article Najib’s 1Malaysia a two-faced scam? Najib is trying very hard to promote his 1Malaysia. He is quite desperate because no one in buying his 1Malaysia, not even ex-Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

For all intents and purposes, 1Malaysia is just a chiplak (pirated version) of the Anak Bangsa Malaysia concept, which was launched by the civil society movements before the general election last year. Under the concept of Anak Bangsa Malaysia we also reject Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy) in favour of Ketuanan Rakyat (The People’s Supremacy).

Basically, this means the people are the boss and the government works for the people.  It is the people’s wish that reigns supreme. The people’s voice is sacred — suara rakyat, suara keramat. Under this concept must also emerge a One Nation, One People, One Voice. That would be the endgame to all this effort.

The 1Malaysia falls short of all this. It hardly scratches the surface of what we seek. Najib will have to go back to the drawing board and rethink the entire thing. He is offering us hardly one slice of the whole cake that we seek. It has to be more than just sloganeering.

For starters, arguing that the Internal Security Act has to stay and can’t be abolished because it is needed in the defence of Malay rights and special privileges is like saying we need a detention without trial law so that anyone who questions or disputes this issue can be put away.

How to achieve a 1Malaysia when one part of Malaysia has to agree to bend down and get screwed in the back without protest by the other part? And to protest means you go to jail without even the benefit of a trial.

Get rid of the ISA and replace it with the bill or rights. Get rid of the Official Secrets Act and replace it with the Freedom of Information Act. Get rid of the Sedition Act and replace it with the Anti-Discrimination Act. In fact, a Race Relations Act should make it illegal and a criminal act to demand someone declares his race or for forms to have RACE columns that need to be filled in and any consideration or quotas based on race must be made a crime, punishable by a jail term.

Do this and only then can we be convinced that the 1Malaysia is a duplicate of Anak Bangsa Malaysia. If not then it is merely a cheap pirated version that does not even come close to what we have in mind.

There is something else that we propagated further to Anak Bangsa Malaysia. And this is The People’s Declaration which was endorsed by seven political parties including PKR, DAP and PAS. Unfortunately, as soon as Pakatan Rakyat won five states and more than one-third the seats in Parliament, they pushed The People’s Declaration aside and totally forgot about it.

Well, we are not going to allow them to forget The People’s Declaration. This coming by-election in Pengkalan Pasir, the civil society movements and the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers are going down to the ground to ask the voters to spoil their votes as a mark of protest. No, don’t vote for Barisan Nasional. But don’t vote for Pakatan Rakyat either. Don’t give anyone your vote.

The matter is being discussed even as you read this. If Pakatan Rakyat takes us for fools and sells us short, then they are going to feel the wrath of the civil society movements and the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers. Don’t take us for granted. Just because we work against Barisan Nasional do not assume that this is because we love Pakatan Rakyat.

We do not hate Barisan Naisonal. We hate what they are doing and oppose that. If Barisan Nasional can genuinely change and present a Reform Charter that covers all those reforms that we seek there is no reason why we can’t work with Barisan Nasional. Of course, the reality would be this would never happen. Barisan Nasional will never change until we kick them out and send them into the opposition aisle.

So, Pakatan Rakyat, take this as your yellow card. If by Nomination Day we do not get any response then we will flash the red card and take to the ground to deny you the votes. No, we will not give those votes to Barisan Nasional either. But who knows. If a miracle happens and suddenly Najib falls out of the sky and dies and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah takes over and with it he brings in his reform agenda then we might still harbour some hope and explore the viability of working with Umno and Barisan Nasional to implement these reforms. 

Okay, Dr Koh Tsu Koon wants us to respect the Constitution. Aiyah, what is this Apek talking about? That is exactly what we are trying to tell them, respect the Constitution. But not only Article 153 of the Constitution. All the other Articles as well.

The government has violated the Constitution every step of the way. Many new laws have been passed that are illegal because they violate the Constitution. And the Constitution says ‘this Constitution is supreme and any laws passed after Merdeka that violates the Constitution are automatically null and void’.

No, don’t talk about just Article 153. There are 152 Articles BEFORE Article 153. And there are many more Articles after Article 153 as well. Let’s discuss them also. The government has no respect for the other Articles in the Constitution but they grumble about Article 153 as if the Constitution is made of just one Article.

Dr Koh Tsu Koon, you are another snake oil seller just like Najib and Hishammuddin. You should all be hung upside down by your balls. And if Pakatan Rakyat is not careful we might also hang some of their leaders beside you. The Pakatan Rakyat bullshit is almost equal to Barisan Nasional’s.