Watch how PAS handles alcohol issue

(Bernama) – Muslims should assess the way the Selangor government handles the issue concerning the sale of alcohol in Muslim-majority areas, Umno vice-president Shafie Apdal said.

The people should also take a closer look at how PAS was taking the latest development on the matter following yesterday's decision by the Selangor government not to ban the sale of alcohol in Muslim-majority areas.

"Being part of the state administration, let us see what PAS is going to do about it… this (sale of alcohol) is under the state's jurisdiction," he told reporters after opening the Sungai Petani Umno delegates' meeting here on Saturday.

WIll PAS condone alcohol sale?

As PAS is a partner in the Selangor administration, he said, the people would want to see if the party would condone the sale of alcohol in those areas.

Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim announced yesterday that convenience stores would be allow to practise self-regulation to prevent the sale of alcohol to Muslims and teenagers.

beers-1.jpgFor a start, the self-regulatory concept would be enforced in 52 premises and convenience stores in Shah Alam.

On Tuesday, Selangor PAS commissioner Dr Hassan Ali demanded that Abdul Khalid reviewed the position of one of state executive councillors, Ronnie Liu, for his statements on the sale of alcohol in Muslim-majority areas.

Work sincerely

Shafie said when Selangor was under the Barisan Nasional's rule, MCA and MIC had never interfered in matters sensitive to Muslims.

"Now we can assess PAS and its struggle in the opposition pact," he said.

Earlier, he called on party leaders and members to work sincerely for the party and not because of other reasons such as lobbying for posts.

He said that if Umno wanted to win back Kedah in the next general election, its leaders and members should give priority to serving the people well.