The Meek Inherit The Earth? No Lah…The Youth Shall

I was wondering what our conscientious or at the very least, conscious youth are up to. After all the statistics are staggering that come 2013 (at the very latest), their voting power will decide who will decide their future.

The stats:

1. In the tsunami of GE12, 2008, out of a total registered voter base of about 10.9 million, there were a total of 8,109,134 votes for 214 parliament seats at stake on Election Day. Eligible voters according to the Election Commission stood at 10,516,256. Assuming partisan voters voted as they should, the massive shift of popular support indicated overall dissatisfaction and cry for change. Malaysians are generally aware of the whys, given the number of after the fact, analyses after analyses.

2. The opposition would have had an outright win if it won another 30 seats (to form a majority in parliament) and all they needed was just another 56,000 votes.

3. There will be about 29 million Malaysians come 2010 as indicated by the following stats from the EPU and Statistics Department: