MAS and MASwings, Shame On You


They are always afraid of competition, they need protection and they need to be spoon-fed.These are bunch of shameless incompetents.

With that kind of privileges who need smart asses to run an airline.Just sit on your goddam asses and let the government makes the money for you.

Government collect taxes from the people and have social responsibility to return the money back to the people in the form of infrastructural development, public amenities and other social obligations.

If you can't compete in business than you have no business to be in business. We all know the horror stories associated with government linked companies and what kind of people employed to run them.Why would we ever want to continue financing the laziness and inefficiency of these incompetents.This is the kind of lazy good for nothing ragtag band of incompetents that gives the government a bad name.These are the kind of pseudo corporate leaders who were there because of who they know, not what they know.