Hassan Ali – between cigarette and alcohol

It has been nearly two months since I went to Ulu Langat to visit my small fruits orchard. In Pekan Batu 14, I saw a big cloth banner near the mosque where it says “PAS menyokong tindakan MBSA” or in English “PAS supports MBSA Action” I supposed it has something to do with Hassan Ali latest caricature act where it attack Ronnie Liu action of interfering in MBSA action in confiscating some beer from some shops.

2. There are several sides of the issue that should be examined. Firstly, in my mind Hassan Ali action has embarrassed us Muslims with his shallow and narrow way of doing things.

3. Indirectly he had portrays that the Muslims are in this country are weak and has poor religious and health knowledge when it comes to alcohol consumption. His actions implied that Muslims especially in Shah Alam has no brains and cannot think for themselves and the only solution left is that to implement open banning.

4. Hassan Ali wanted alcohol to be banned in Muslim majority areas. How do we define a Muslim majority area and its boundaries? As a whole, on average 55% of the population are Muslims by birth. If we go by electoral boundaries or by geographical boundaries in Selangor, all areas are Malay (indirectly Muslims) dominated areas. But then many Malays are not strict and pious Muslims, hence I suspect there are not many Muslims dominated areas.

5. Does it mean that we have to deprive the interest of the 45% of the populations? Many Muslims and non Muslims do not consume alcohol because of health reasons. What we need to do is not banning the sales but to improved self discipline among the Muslim community. We need to do “more marketing” on why people should not consume alcohol instead of banning them.

6. Even in Kelantan where PAS holds its fort, alcohol is being sold. Liquor outlets are licensed. There has been no issue all along in Kelantan. Why is that? Hassan Ali motive is certainly questionable. If the Muslims in Kelantan can controlled themselves, there is no reason why Muslims elsewhere cannot do the same. The non Muslims there do not sell alcohol to Muslim as they know the impact of the law.