Here they go again …….

Just before Teoh Beng Hock was killed, the civil war within Pakatan Rakyat threatened to undo this new political coalition. DAP threatened to pull out from the PAS led Kedah Govt.

Penang's PKR were councillors were unhappy with the appointment of MPSP council president and boycott his swearing in and DAP retalilate by sacking the ringleader from the council. In Selangor, PKR's Azmin Ali condemned his on Exco and thought certain Exco members should go. Then, we have Wee Choo Keong making allegations about DAP's underworld connections. Kit Siang said PR was facing a crisis of confidence.

Then Teoh Beng Hock was found dead at the MACC building. Immediately the 3 component parties within PR closed ranks and started their offensive against the Govt. YeS, TBH's death was politicized and rightly so because politics caused his death. If he was not the political aide to Ean Yong, we wouldn't have been called by the MACC. He wouldn't be called if MACC didn;t practise selective prosecution. The investigations by MACC against some of the Selangor PR's ADUNs is nothing more than political persecution. TBH wouldn't have died if not for this blatant political persecution. (Yes, there are people who thinks his boss killed him so as to stop him from implicating him. If I were his boss and I think he was going to implicate me, I would have made sure he doesn't even reach the MACC building alive).