Hisham: Video tarnishing police image

(The Star) – The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) has been asked to act decisively against those involved in uploading a video clip on the Internet which purportedly shows the police assaulting a detainee.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said stern action must be taken against those responsible to serve as a lesson to others.

“I view the uploading of this slanderous and malicious video clip very seriously as it has tarnished the credibility and image of the police.

“This is a very irresponsible act perpetrated by unscrupulous people whose only concern is their own self-interest. They have no care about the effect of their action on society at large,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He lamented that the use of cyberspace to spread malicious lies and slander in the country was fast getting out of hand.

“It shows how low their morals and mentality are. They use websites as platforms to spread lies and tarnish the image of those they dislike,” Hishammuddin said while reminding the people not to be easily misled by lies and slander on the Internet.

He also hit out at the Opposition for being silent on the matter, saying that it should come forward to correct the situation.

“By remaining silent, it is as if the Opposition is condoning the actions of these bloggers. It never comes forward to tell these people that their actions are wrong.

“It is clear that it is not fighting to uphold the truth. It is also not trying to channel accurate information to society. Instead, many of the issues and problems faced by the people are manipulated for personal interest,” he said.