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Prostitutes are better creatures than politicians. With prostitutes, you pay them money and you get to screw them. With politicians, you pay them money and they screw you. Prostitutes promise you a good time and deliver. Politicians never deliver on their promises.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Chinese trust prostitutes more than government officials – Survey

Prostitutes are considered more trustworthy in China than government officials and scientists, a recent survey of more than 3,000 respondents showed.

The online survey of 3,376 Chinese showed that 7.9 percent of respondents considered sex workers trustworthy, putting them in third place after farmers and religious workers, the Insight China magazine said on its website.

“A list like this is at the same time surprising and embarrassing,” the China Daily said Tuesday in an editorial, commenting on the result of the survey, which was carried out in June and July.

“The sex workers’ unexpected prominence on this list of honour… is indeed unusual.”

The newspaper said the list showed scientists and teachers ranked “way below, and that government functionaries, too, scored hardly better.”

Soldiers and students were ranked after sex workers on the list of trustworthy professions, the Insight China magazine said.

“Given the constant feed of scandals involving the country’s elite, this is not bad at all,” the China Daily editorial commented.

“At least (the scientists and officials) have not slid into the least credible category which consists of real estate developers, secretaries, agents, entertainers and directors.” – AFP


PAS wants Ronnie Liu’s head on a silver platter. The whole issue is about the sale of beer in some parts of Selangor that are regarded as ‘Muslim majority’ areas. Ronnie is a DAP ‘nominee’ in the Selangor State EXCO.

Actually, it is not up to PAS to determine who DAP nominates to sit in the Selangor EXCO. The three Pakatan Rakyat coalition members — PKR, DAP and PAS — are allocated a certain ‘quota’ with the positions agreed upon. It is then up to each individual party to determine whom from their party gets these positions.

This is also how Barisan Nasional operates. Each of the 14 component members of the ruling coalition is allocated a certain quota. They then nominate those from their party to fill up these quotas.

That is how it works. Umno can’t tell MCA, MIC, Gerakan or any of the other ten coalition members who they should choose, or vice versa. They get their quotas with the agreed positions and the personalities are an internal matter of each party.

Umno may not like Samy Vellu or Ong Tee Kiat. But if MIC and MCA respectively want them to become Ministers, then Umno has no choice but to accept it. This is MIC’s and MCA’s prerogative, not Umno’s choice. This happened during the time of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the case of Tan Koon Swan and S. Subramanian. As much as Mahathir wanted Koon Swan and Subramanian in the Cabinet, and as long as MCA and MIC did not want them, there was nothing Mahathir could do about it.

PAS can’t tell DAP whether it wants Ronnie in the EXCO — which is a sort of state cabinet — or not. That is DAP’s choice, not the choice of PAS. In fact, most of us do not want Hassan Ali in the Selangor EXCO because from way back we have suspected him of being an Umno mole, a Trojan Horse of sorts, whose mission is to create chaos in the opposition. But as long as PAS wants him then we will have to hold our tongue and accept the decision of PAS. We do not demand that PAS drops him.

Anyway, the issue of the sale of beer is a non-issue. There is no law that says one can’t sell beer in Malaysia if the establishment concerned has a valid licence to do so. If this is really an issue then how come Malaysia’s national airline, MAS, also sells liquor? Should not Hassan Ali and his gang of Islamists take aim at MAS, a GLC?

And what about the Pernas chain of hotels? These GLC owned hotels too sell liquor in its bars, pubs and discos. Pantai Primula in Kuala Terengganu too used to sell liquor (I don’t know whether it still does because I have not updated my information but I heard they no longer do so). And this was during the time of Wan Mokhtar Ahmad, the Umno Menteri Besar of Terengganu.

Pantai Primula was then owned (still is, in fact, although it now carries a different name) by the Terengganu SEDC. So it is a state GLC. And Wan Mokhtar is considered an ulamak whose function was to read out the doa (prayer) during the Umno annual general assembly. And ‘ulamak’ Wan Mokhtar was the Chairman of the Terengganu SEDC.

There is no law against the sale of beer or liquor as long as you have a licence to do so. The only way they can ban the sale of beer or liquor would be to pass a law making it illegal to sell them.

I am not saying I agree that beer or liquor should be allowed. Fine, ban it if you wish. I can live with that. But there must first be a law to ban it. You just can’t create your own rules as you go along and make a decision to ban something that you feel should be banned in spite of it not being illegal.

The Malaysian government bans public rallies, marches, demonstrations, and whatnot. This is in fact the law — the Police Act. So there is a law that allows the police to arrest anyone who assembles in a crowd of more than four people. Yet PAS does not recognise this law. PAS says that is an ‘illegal’ law that violates the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. And as recently as last Saturday PAS ordered its supporters to defy that law and take to the streets in the tens of thousands.

That is the law. But it is a bad law. It is a law that violates the Constitution and denies Malaysians their right of assembly and freedom of association and expression. So PAS ignores that law even though it is a law passed by Parliament.

PAS chooses to ignore laws it does not like. It defies the Police Act that takes away our Constitutional-guaranteed right of assembly. And it also defies the law that allows the sale of beer just as long as you have a licence to do so.

What does PAS want? It boggles the mind that PAS is losing the plot and is no longer in touch with reality. PAS made it the last general election not purely because of the Muslim vote. Okay, maybe in Kelantan, which has a 97% Muslim population, it was the Muslim vote that got them in. But they did not do too well in the recent by-election in Kelantan where it scraped in with the skin of its nose. PAS almost lost that by-election in spite of the large Muslim majority.

PAS is not a party merely for Muslims. If it were, then it would have done better in states such as Terengganu, Perlis, Pahang, Johor, Melaka, and Negeri Sembilan, which the opposition did not win. The states, other than Kelantan, which the opposition won, were Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Penang. These, except for Kedah, are not Muslim majority states. So it is not the Muslim vote that gave the opposition its victory, even in Kedah.

PAS untuk semua’ (PAS for all) is the party’s rallying call. The keyword is semua, meaning all, not ‘PAS untuk Muslim sahaja’ (PAS only for Muslims).

Has PAS forgotten its own rallying call?

There appears to be another thing that PAS has forgotten. In fact, all the seven parties appear to have forgotten this as well. And this is The People’s Declaration (Deklarasi Rakyat) which the seven parties endorsed in the run-up to the 8 March 2008 general election. Just before the general election they all enthusiastically endorsed The People’s Declaration. Immediately after the general election they conveniently forgot the Declaration that they signed.

As I said, prostitutes take your money and you get a good screw. Politicians take your money and then turn around and screw you. You certainly can trust prostitutes more than politicians.

We need to teach politicians a lesson. The civil society movements are going to soon launch ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA. This project is being spearheaded by my good friend, lawyer, fellow Blogger and comrade, Sam Haris. Stay tuned for the launch soon. We are going to galvanise the rakyat into a non-political party based movement in the hope we can realise our aspiration of ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE, ONE VOICE.

It is time we took back the country from the politicians. Politicians, both sides of the political divide, are just not delivering. They are screwing us good and proper. Politicians just can’t be trusted. If Barisan Nasional kicks Pakatan Rakyat out come next general election it is not because Barisan is strong, it is because Pakatan is weak.

We took 30 years since 1978 to get where we got in March 2008. The last ten years since 1998 was on a Reformasi platform. In just over a year the politicians are undoing 30 years of hard work.

Victory did not come easy on 8 March 2008. I wasted more than half my life to see what we saw in March 2008. And now they expect us to just sit back and watch them undo everything through their arrogance, ego, short sightedness, lust for power, selfishness, and self-centred and narrow-minded political agenda.

Give Pakatan more time, they say. You can’t expect overnight success, they argue. Barisan took 50 years, you can’t expect the opposition to achieve results in just one year, they scream.

No, I don’t expect overnight results. I am prepared to see the opposition build back, brick by brick, what Barisan Nasional destroyed over 50 years. But Pakatan Rakyat is not rebuilding. It is destroying even more. It is creating as much damage as what Barisan Nasional did in 50 years.

I can be patient and move forwards slowly. But we are not moving forwards. We are moving backwards. And I have no patience when it comes to stupidity.

Pakatan Rakyat must remember that it was not they who won the 8 March 2008 general election. It was the rakyat who did. And now the rakyat is no longer part of the equation in whatever they do.

Pakatan Rakyat must be given a tight slap on the face. And I hope the ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA movement can continue what Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional have failed to do.

This nation does not belong to just the Malays. This nation does not belong to just the Muslims. This nation belongs to all Malaysians of various ethnicities and religious persuasions.

This, Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional do not appear to comprehend. And screw the beer issue. We have bigger fish to fry. Even if beer is banned this will not make Malaysia a better country. Banning beer will not eliminate corruption, wastage of public funds, abuse of power, police brutality, and whatnot, or guarantee us our fundamental liberties, which are being denied by the present government.