More labelled as traitors

(Bernama) – The Malays and Malay Rulers cannot be separated and whoever conceives that the system of Constitutional Monarchy in the country is no longer relevant is a traitor and is trying to stoke the sentiments of the Malays, said the general secretary of the 4B Youth Movement, Datuk Wira Jamaluddin Abdul Rahim.

“If there are Malays who have such an opinion, then it is most regrettable,” he said when commenting on the concern expressed by Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim yesterday on the emergence of a group who conceived that the system of Constitutional Monarchy was no longer relevant and perceived Malaysia to be a “socialistic” nation.

Jamaluddin said the statement by Rais was most appropriate because the emergence of such a group, if left unchecked, could affect the harmony, peace and prosperity enjoyed by all communities since the country gained independence.

He said history had proven that the Constitutional Monarchy currently practised had succeeded in uniting all the ethnic groups.

He suggested that the Education Ministry strengthen the History syllabus to ensure that the present and future generation had a better understanding of the history of the country’s independence and the role played by the monarchy.