1Black Malaysia – Do people still care?

By SV Singam (Anak Bangsa Malaysia)

It is a simple question. Does it matter to you that basic citizen rights are being trampled under the might of government institutions using taxpayer money?

If it doesn't matter to you, if all that matters to you is to be left alone to earn a living and look after yourself, then I have nothing more to say to you. What can I say that will make any sense?

If it does matter to you that this nation is no longer what our founding fathers dreamed of, then what are you prepared to do about it? Your brothers and sisters were prepared to face tear gas and chemical assault in pursuit of restoring democracy. Your brothers and sisters were prepared to attend vigils and hold candles to mourn untimely deaths and unjust detentions. Your brothers and sisters faced harassment and abuse by the authorities because they wanted to stand up and be counted, because they were ready to vote with their feet. What are you prepared to do?

What you are being asked to do is so simple. Wear BLACK every Thursday. Persuade your friends and colleagues to do the same. Go out for lunch in groups. Order a black drink and talk about the Dark Days we are facing. Is that so hard to do?

Is is still legal to wear black.
It is still legal to go for lunch in groups.
It is still legal to drink black coloured drinks.
It is still legal to talk about the political situation.

If you want to be able to tell your children that you too did your part in the fight to restore democracy, then you'd better quickly do these things before they are declared illegal.

Don't cop out by claiming that you wore black underwear or carried a black bag. That's not even funny anymore. The people are getting raped. If they fail to say NO, they cannot argue later that it was not consensual. Say NO!. Make it visible. Make your statement loud and clear.

On Thursday 6th August, and every Thursday after that, wear black. Get your friends to join you. Go out for lunch in a Black Wave visible from Tanjung Piai to Kaki Bukit, from Pengerang to Rantau Panjang, from Lundu to Semporna.

If your work attire requires you to wear something other than black, then wear a black arm-band. Do something. Don't just do nothing.

Can the nation count on you?

Are you prepared to share your experience with us and inspire others to follow?