He wasn’t beaten by the cops, period

By Merdekablog

I was utterly speechless of how despicable this federal police CID director is! Several questions that need his answers ASAP: 

1. Would a simple denial be enough to end the speculation? Don't the police have the responsibility to investigate the source of the video since the video has jeopardized the already ruined image of the Royal Police? Wouldn't our police be smart enough to call upon the 'suspect' in the video or anyone who could recognize the suspect or have heard about the suspect to stand out to help investigate the physical abuse so to restore the reputation of the police system, and to 'prove' that the video was indeed not taken in a police station?  

2. How do you justify your words that 'the suspects were well treated and their rights upheld while being in police custody' when we have heard of lots and lots of complaints about the poor treatment to those held under investigation? 

3. How do you justify your words that 'police officers and men who disobeyed these directives would be dealt with under the law'? For so many cases or allegations, we have never heard of a justifiable 'punishment' towards any police for the complaints raised by the public and the opposition leaders? (I am not sure if the two charges of death sentence are justifiable.) The public was always told ‘police investigation is ongoing and we should not speculate.’ Then it was a complete silence after that. As our ex-PM Mahathir said, rakyat are forgetful.  

4. How do you justify your words that 'police and CID do not authorize or condone rough treatment of suspects in custody' while there have been more than 1,500 deaths in custody since year 2003? Enough with the 'reasons' of those deaths, e.g. AIDS, suicides, fighting, etc. A truly independent and professional team is needed to tell the real stories. 

5. What happened to the investigation on Kugan's case, Lingam's case, Khir Toyo's case, PKFZ case, etc.? Where are the two policemen charged with death sentences for murdering Altantuya for NO reason? Any news on the sentences? Also, why, until today, there is not any investigation on the two most significant suspects in the murder – our PM and his wife? 

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