Defense Of The Realm? Nation Before Self!!!

I noticed a post in BigDogDotCom's blog which is to me as rabid as they come. It only proves Malaysians are less educated in the nation's history today because the schools are doing less in teaching the truth and the cinemas and mainstream media are allowed to shape perceptions that are not the whole truth about our nation's formative years.

I am no DAP member but read this BigDog number, "What Is DAP's Contribution To The Defense Of The Realm?" and you will realize it is not really about the DAP. The shallowness indicated by the few examples the dog dug up seems to reflect naivete and movieland style knowledge of history.

I sought an opinion, and some true stories and testimonies that ALL races sacrificed are indicated in an exchange of correspondences I had with Dato Seri Yuen Yuet Leng about what's real.