Babi Cina, Babi Melayu

Anyway, we don’t need the ISA to ensure that there are no race riots. Instead, what we need is to ban Umno, MCA and MIC. These are the people causing racial instability. They are fighting for Malay, Chinese and Indian rights. They refuse to fight for the creation of a One Nation, One People, One Voice.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Chua Soi Lek says that the Internal Security Act is not really that bad. It is just that we have to be very careful in how it is used. In the early days of the ISA, the law was actually very good because it had, then, served our purposes. Okay, maybe there are no more communist terrorists operating in the jungles. But we still have one more threat, the threat of race riots. So the ISA helps as far as ensuring that Malays, Chinese and Indians do not kill each other.

To think that this is a very senior man of the MCA, the ‘second’ partner in the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional, talking. And yet he speaks like this. I shudder to think what the mentality of the other Cina kwei in MCA must be like. God help this country!

This argument can also be extended to the issue of guns. As they say in the United States: guns don’t kill; people kill. This is the argument in the defence of freedom to bear arms. Americans do not want guns outlawed. They want the freedom to own and carry guns. It is not guns that kill people. It is people that kill people. So guns are not to be blamed if people kill people using guns.

In the old days we were allowed to walk around with little curved knives called keris tucked in our waist. And if anyone dared challenge us or acted rude towards us then we would draw our keris and stick it in their gut. Actually, it is not keris that kill people. People kill people. I do not understand why, today, we can no longer walk around the streets with a keris tucked in our waist.

A bad law is a bad law. And if laws exist that allow bad people to abuse that law then it would come under the category of a bad law. There is no argument that can justify keeping bad laws and saying that the law is good, only that bad people abuse the law to make it bad. If the law were good then there would be safeguards against abuse. There would be checks and balances. And it would be very difficult for bad people to abuse such laws for their own ends.

Anyway, we don’t need the ISA to ensure that there are no race riots. Instead, what we need is to ban Umno, MCA and MIC. These are the people causing racial instability. They are fighting for Malay, Chinese and Indian rights. They refuse to fight for the creation of a One Nation, One People, One Voice. It is because of this we need the ISA, because Umno, MCA and MIC are pushing Malaysia to the brink of a bloodbath.

Anwar Ibrahim is going to sue the Deputy Prime Minister and Utusan Malaysia for calling him a traitor to the Malay race. They call him a traitor to the Malay race because Anwar refuses to uphold Ketuanan Melayu. They also call me a traitor to the Malay race. But I am not going to sue them. I am proud to be called a traitor to the Malay race. They call me a traitor to the Malay race because I oppose Ketuanan Melayu. And that is why I am proud and will not sue them.

They also call me a Chinese ass-kisser. Well, my wife is Chinese and she does have a great ass. So I suppose there is no way I can sue them for this since it is actually very true.

Bakri Zinin, the head of the CID, says that the Malaysian police do not go around beating up people. That is utter bullshit. Bakri personally beat me up in the Dang Wangi Police Station on Hari Raya Haji Day of March 2001. And he did this in front of my wife plus about 20 other people. I in fact made a police report about this incident that very same night but they ignored my police report.

Bakri also beat up Wahid, a Harakah distributor. Wahid had earlier been arrested for the ‘crime’ of selling Harakah in spite of the fact that the PAS party newspaper has a publishing licence. So it is absolutely not a crime to sell Harakah.

Wahid was in the police lockup and Bakri came into the lockup and punched him. Wahid retaliated by kicking Bakri between his legs, squashing his balls. Bakri doubled-up in pain and went limping out of the lockup. Bakri remanded Wahid for two weeks as punishment for putting his balls out of action for a couple of days.

Bakri was also the one who assaulted a few people participating in a May Day rally at the KLCC. May Day is a public holiday in Malaysia and is celebrated by organising rallies and other events. But Bakri still regarded it as an ‘illegal assembly’ and beat up a few of those participating in an event that is celebrated the world over as a Workers’ Day and a public holiday to boot.

Aiyah, all these Babi Cina and Babi Melayu. They talk as if Malaysians are lembu bodoh. Babi sungguh these types of Cina and Melayu.


ISA and the Massive Traffic Jam
Chua Soi Lek

The ISA have served us well in the early stages of our country’s development. It was used basically against suspected communists, terrorists and those directly involved in subversive activities. Occasionally, it was used against politicians. Operation Lalang was the most infamous where both BN and opposition leaders were detained over the issue when non-Mandarin speaking teachers were posted to Chinese schools as headmasters.

In a multiracial country like ours, racial relationship at its best can be described as fragile. We pride ourselves of having excellent racial harmony and with it political and social stability. Except for May 13, the peace and stability in the country becomes the pre-requisite for the country’s development. Under the 1 Malaysia, the Prime Minister talks not only about mutual respect, but there is also a need of mutual acceptance. We are Malaysians but we preserve our ethnic identity. The non-Malays seems to reject assimilation. In most of the Asian countries, through the process of gradual assimilation, most of the Chinese have lost their ethnic identity.

When ISA was used to detain a young reporter, it stirs a lot of emotional outburst that ISA was abused. Since then, some Malaysians seems to have strong feeling that the ISA should be abolished, that it is an outdated law where the potential of abuse is huge. Obviously, the ISA cannot remain without review. The government has promised that the ISA is now under review. There is a need to have a mechanism in place so that the right to detain under ISA cannot be vested on one person. There should be checks and balances. There is a need for greater transparency when ISA is used. The people need to be told why ISA was used and not other preventive laws which are available within the country.

The ISA demonstration serves no positive purpose. The only purpose it has is to create massive traffic jam and inconveniences around KL city. Many people were stuck in the jam for 3 hours just to move from point A to point B in KL city. I am also given to understand that the Masjid Jamek LRT station stopped its operation due to the demonstration that lasted for more than 2 hours. Apart from that, many traders and businessmen lost a lot of good opportunities because the demonstration drives away many clients. I also noticed that since the demonstration area is a tourist spot, there were many tourists who got caught in the demonstration and were mistaken as protestors. As a result, it left a very bad impression among the tourists that Malaysia is an unsafe country and further discourage them from visiting Malaysia.

Hence, PM Najib’s suggestion to allow public gatherings to be held in stadiums to voice out their dissatisfaction rather than street demonstration is a good suggestion and the opposition should pick up this idea. Since there are 4 PR controlled states, they could put their state stadiums into good use rather than letting the protestors running wild on the street to create unnecessary havoc.

When Najib became the Prime Minister in April this year, he has pledged that the ISA would be reviewed and everyone knows that the ISA is being reviewed. There is no valid reason for any ISA demonstration. I always believe that peaceful discussion is anytime better than to resort to street demonstration with the potential to become violent. With the ISA being reviewed, I hope that the rakyat remains calm and not jump into conclusions.


Police deny man assaulted in Police station

Police today denied that video clips posted in several blogs purportedly showing a man being assaulted by several others in a room, took place in a police station.

Federal police CID director Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Mohd Zinin also said that there was no indication whatsoever that the persons involved were police personnel.

"Some blogs have gone so far as to claim that the video showed the ill-treatment of a suspect while being in custody. Several people in the video were in uniform, but they were clearly not police uniform.

"As such, it is highly speculative to infer that the clips show a suspect being beaten while in police custody," he said in a statement here.

Mohd Bakri said the police were currently taking concrete steps to ensure that abuse of detainees did not occur.

He said one of the major steps was the remodelling of the interrogation rooms and installing video cameras to record interrogations.

"Apart from safeguarding the rights of the suspects, the audio and visual recordings will help protect officers from false claims of abuse or coercion.

"The Inspector-General of Police (IGP) and CID do not authorise or condone rough treatment of suspects in custody," he said.

He said numerous instructions had been issued by the IGP and himself to ensure that the suspects were well-treated and their rights upheld while being in police custody.

He added that police officers and men who disobeyed these directives would be dealt with the under the law. (Bernama)