Lawyer! Lawyer! Pants On Fire!!!

On 1st August, the medical clinics around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor enjoyed a sudden upsurge in business. Men and women young and old, children of all ages were being treated for sore eyes and itchy skin conditions.

Some had open wounds that needed stitching but the medical profession is most excited about the future increase in revenue of psychiatrists who will be treating emotional and mental scars that are expected to be suffered by thousands.

Departmental stores and pasar malams throughout the region also reported tremendous increase in business as thousands thronged to replace torn and tettered clothes and water damaged shoes.

Hundreds of food outlets throughout the late evening and night regretted they did not expect the sudden surge in business and many of them were sold out by 9.00 pm. This caused the hungry hordes to patronize even the less popular eateries.

This unexplained phenomenon resulted in an estimated increase of RM101 million in extra business on the day.