Why you care who I fuck?


And that, my dear rakyat, is why Malaysia is fucked, when Islam is reduced to catching people fucking.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Did Norman, Memey commit khalwat?

This was a case of 'he only suspects but cannot prove it'.

The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) operations chief has testified that he only suspects artists Norman Hakim and Memey had committed the khalwat (close proximity) offence on Oct 30 last year.

“I cannot prove the celebrity couple did indeed commit khalwat at around 3am at an office in Taman Ukay Perdana, Hulu Klang,” Abdul Rahman Lai told Syariah Court DPP Muhamad Nazri Basrawi.

Abdul Rahman said he only suspected that Norman or Mohamed Norhakim Zaidon, 33, and Suhaiza Suhaimi, known as Memey, 21, had committed the offence.

norman-hakim-memey.pngHe added that he saw Memey sitting in a chair at a counter on the ground floor at 2.45am, while Norman was seen upstairs.

He also admitted that no evidence was collected at the scene when the couple were detained.

However, Abdul Rahman told the Lower Syariah Court in Gombak that his officers knocked on the door grill for 30 minutes without getting an answer.

Long time to answer the door

“Both the accused took a long time to answer the door. In that long time, any possibility could have happened,” he said as reported on mStar, the Malay online news portal of The Star.

The proceedings became heated when defence lawyer Fakhrul Azman Abdul Hassan objected to Abdul Rahman’s testimony as the latter brought up new facts not raised at the start of the case.

The Jais officer said he saw pillows and a mattress inside the room where he found Norman.

Abdul Rahman added that Norman, who was wearing a T-shirt and tight shorts, was uncooperative with Jais officers.

He added that he did not know that one of his officers, Khairul Nizam, had given a statement on a television show.

Norman and Memey are contesting the khalwat charge. The proceedings before Syariah judge Salehan Yatim will resume on Aug 28. – Malaysian Mirror


The religious authorities are so concerned about who you and me are fucking. They send spies to peep into our houses to see whether any ‘unauthorised’ people are in that house. And if we are entertaining guests, that can only mean one thing; that we are fucking.

So they will quickly swoop on the house and knock on the door and demand that we open the door. And if there are others in our house whom they consider should not be in that house then they will arrest us and charge us in court for close proximity.

That is the work of the religious authorities; amidst spying on Christians to make sure they do not convert a single Muslim into Christianity. And if they suspect that a certain church is about to convert Muslims into Christianity they will send SMSess to everyone and soon a huge crowd will assemble in front of the church ready to lynch those guilty of converting Muslims into Christianity.

You fuck with Islam and you are fucked, is the simple message these Christians are sent. Try to pinch Muslims and turn them into Christians and see what happens. We will burn the church down and you with it as well.

That is what Islam is all about, at least to these types of Muslims. They are not concerned that, today, many Muslims were fucked by the Malaysian police, the majority who are also Muslims. And these Muslims were fucked because they oppose a law that is un-Islamic.

You see; Islam forbids detention without trial. No one is supposed to be imprisoned unless proven guilty in a proper trial and with enough evidence of a crime being committed. The Internal Security Act, however, allows the government to dispense with trials and evidence and they can hold you indefinitely just because they feel like doing so.

So many Muslims together with Malaysians of other faiths took to the streets today to oppose what Islam opposes and Muslim police fucked them good and proper. But the religious authorities are not concerned about all this. They don’t care that Muslim police fucked the rakyat who were just doing what Islam asked them to do. This is because they would rather peep into your house to see if anyone in that house is fucking. And if they suspect you may be fucking then they will arrest you. So who has time for other things when all the time is spent peeping into houses to catch people fucking?

And that, my dear rakyat, is why Malaysia is fucked, because Islam has been reduced to catching people fucking.