The Nut Graph needs your support

We need your help because journalism is expensive and good journalism that upholds fairness, accuracy and responsibility even more so.

By Jacqueline Ann Surin, THE NUT GRAPH

THE Nut Graph was launched in August 2008, and was made possible because Cindy Tham and I were given seed money by Malaysian investors to set up an independent news website.

However, in May 2009, our investors notified us that they can no longer continue funding The Nut Graph because of certain circumstances. And so, Cindy and I are now faced with the possibility that what we launched a year ago will have to be shut down.

If we are to keep going though, we will need your support. Any amount, whether RM10, RM10,000, RM100,000 or more, would be welcome so that we can last as long as possible with whatever funds we can raise.

And if you could convince ten friends to also support The Nut Graph, no matter the amount of their donation, that would help us tremendously in keeping the site alive.