Ketua Pemuda Baru

By Wenger Khairy

 Actually KJ is not Ketua Pemuda. Its all a big lie. The delegates of UMNO Youth actually do not elect the Ketua Pemuda. Its the so called UMNO bloggers who do so, and they elected Mohd.Rdizuan Sulaiman, President of Al-Ehsan as the Ketua Pemuda. He has everything what they want. He has the bravado. He has the machismo. Over 10,000 are members of Al-Ehsan. He had the teloq to turun padang and protest for the ISA.

Unfortunately, only 30 showed up .

Whats the Issue
It will be naieve to think that this rally has anything to do with the act itself. The act is just an excuse for two political factions to exercise a show of strength – the Opposition faction, which had over the last month or narrowly escaped a humiliating defeat in their stronghold,had their parlimentarians accused of having ties with the underworld by members of their own "Pakatan Rakyat", accused of betraying their voters in Penang and stormed out of the state Government of Kedah when an illegal abattoir was demolished.
These are my indicators why this rally will fade and not draw anywhere near the 100,000 the Opposition is claiming it will muster. PAS bet big on this, and will lose big time.
But what about the other faction? What about the pro ISA group.
Demonstrations the way forward
Unfortunately, some so called supporters of the Government have turned on the decision by the Ketua Pemuda UMNO in being quite clear about his views on this matter. In a sentence , KJ was saying :"Don't be an idiot."
But no. Some say he lacks the 'balls.' And so certain blogs have been used to attack him. Of course, these bloggers incite and ridicule at the luxury comfort of their own air-conditioned homes, will spew out all sorts of articles. Low blows are now the order of the day, when even young children are not spared ridicule and derision.