Dear RPK, whose cause are you fighting for?

By R. Shan (Human Being)

You have enlightened the public with more truth than anyone else but all your commentors can think of is themselves. Let’s not fool ourselves. Yes, you provide the most comprehensive info and the awakening, yet everything is drawn along the lines of what, how and why should it matter to me other than commenting in your site.

Nobody has the time to either find out the truth or make the effort rather than commenting. You are in hiding and yet
are able to to motivate us to make the change for the society.

I can already predict the comments, if any, that this writer is a ball carrier of RPK although you don’t even know me nor are you under any compulsion to put up this article. We need more people that can provide constructive and useful insight to your site to make it better for the community that we live in and hope the changes come through conscious souls for the society that we hope to create.

Conscience is subjective, and nobody can dictate what it is. It differs according to circumstance. The only yardstick we have is to balance what is good for the society at large and also themselves. It is not just how it serves their own personal needs – which seems to be the view of most of the commentors.

You see, RPK, nobody wants to deal with the truth and reality because they live in the false perception that everything is going to be fine with people like you around and hoping others will come around. The public, especially the educated and the self-sufficient bunch, lives in this false perception because the option is always there for them to find their escapism through sites like yours to voice their frustration without any action on their individual part. What can I say, it is a Malaysia Boleh land, yet the poor and needy suffers.

I am sure most of your commentors do not fall into the category of the poor and needy. They only feel poor and need more material wealth. The real poor and needy will always have to battle for their survival so let’s at least try to understand their predicament.

You fight for your survival not because you are poor (even if you are) but because you champion the truth. Your
commentors are only fighting the pretext of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech does not mean people get to put down others without caring what they think. Fuck freedom of speech. We wouldn't have had any freedom of speech if it wasn't for sites such as Malaysia Today.

Curse me or hate me but the truth is the only thing that matters. Our own individual needs will be satisfied if the society's needs are satisfied.

I am a Malaysian and proud to be a Malaysian. I only serve the truth, irrespective of whether it is for any race, religion, color or creed as long as it is for a collective Malaysian unity. Go Malaysian, move forward with our own individuality for humanity to survive in Malaysia.