Unlawful Malaysian Drivers

By Jason

We condemn our politicians for flouting the law. We condemn them for not thinking of the people and for the people. But aren't we all guilty of the same thing?

One of the best example of this is how we treat others on the road. It is all about me, me, me. Isn't this exactly how our politicians behave?

Bad drivers are common enemies of people who respect the law. I would say 70% of them respect the law – most of the time. But the bad eggs have been wreaking havoc on the lives of others. Driving on the road is the most stressful thing in my life – well, maybe work is more stressful. But you get what I mean. Why do we even have to go through this? Not that we are getting paid for it. It is just so unnecessary.

I know I can’t just whine and do nothing. I did, I believe there are many others who tried. I tried advising my friends why we shouldn’t cut queues etc. I tried writing in forums. I tried finding ways to report those who break the law (unfortunately, even if technology allows you to start the camera on your phones fast enough, I might risk losing my life doing so).

The authorities don’t seem to do anything, police are nowhere to be found, probably busy going after Ah Longs now. And this is really frustrating a lot of people. Forget about whether they are Malays, Chinese, Indians etc. It doesn’t matter; this is where we are all Malaysians. We are united in being bad drivers.

The problem with most people is that they just accept the fact that this cannot be changed and move on. And some even behave in a worse manner after being frustrated by others for doing exactly the same thing! I don’t think this is quite an effective way to solve a problem, no?

We can all help to counter this. If you are one of those drivers, just try not to be one. It is that simple. Be considerate to others, behave as how you would like others to behave around you. A bad driver is selfish and inconsiderate. A bad driver would also be a bad example to their own kids as they are teaching them that it is ok to get what you want even if you inconvenience others. I don’t see any point in people complaining about others when they are just as bad on the roads taking advantage of others.

And what are the main issues of not being being nice to your fellow man on the road?

a) Cutting queues (including those who show their signal light to look like they are innocent)
b) Changing lanes without signal light
c) Changing lanes with signal light only AFTER going into the new lane
d) Refusing to allow others into your lane by speeding up when you see their signal light on
e) Parking indiscriminately, blocking two (or more) lanes
f) Double parking and blocking vacant parking spaces (just because they are lazy to do straight parking, or they probably cannot park and think straight)
g) Using the left-most lane to enter the roundabout when they do not want to turn left. The left-most lane is only for left turns! – yeah we know the left lane is faster, they think they are smart and others don't know their secret (e.g. Rothman's roundabout)
h) Beating the red light – while others are talking about technology and evolution, these people prefer to go backwards to make their own judgment when to cross the road
g) Honking you back (or worse, showing some finger signals or foul language) when you honk them for a mistake they made – when they bloody well know they were in the wrong

and more…..

I am also sharing with you an interesting blog post explaining his experience driving in Malaysia.