Police starts to set up roadblocks

(Malaysian Mirror) – The police have started to mount roadblocks in key areas in the city and its suburbs that lead to locations where two groups will gather and march to make their stand on the Internal Security Act.

Both the groups defending and fighting against the ISA had said they will defy warnings by the Home Ministry and the police to take their cause to the streets.

Minister Hishammuddin Hussein had warned of stern action against demonstrators, whether they are pro-ISA or anti-ISA.

He said this was in line with his ministry’s objective to prevent the issue from having a negative impact on the security and the interest of the country, adding he will not compromise on the matter.

Action against those who defy warning

He has directed Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan and KL police chief Muhammad Sabtu Osman to monitor the rallies and take action against those who go ahead to take part in the rallies despite the warnings given.

Hishammuddin has also advised the public to stay away from the planned rallies by the two opposing groups, the Pembela Negara Federation of Non-Governmental Organisations Council (Magaran) and the Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI).

Magaran is the group that wants the ISA to remain, in either its present form or amended to fulfill certain terms and conditions.

The GMI wants a total ban on the ISA.

Planned gathering points

Magaran had planned to gather at three locations; the National Mosque, Padang Merbuk and ther Central Market. They plan to march to the Istana Negara to present a memorandum to the Yang di Pertuan Agong in support of the Act.

The GMI will also assemble at the National Mosque and two other locations; the Sogo shopping mall and Masjid Jamek.

They too plan to march to the palace to hand over a so-called ‘people’s declaration’ to the King in support of abolishing the ISA.