‘No law compelling giving of DNA samples’

(NST) – KUALA LUMPUR: There is no law now in force compelling anyone to give samples for DNA testing, said a former crime scene investigator.

"Even a court order does not apply. But if the DNA Databank Bill is passed by Parliament, then the police will be empowered to obtain DNA samples from anyone," said former police Superintendent Amidon Anan.

Amidon said, at the moment, there was no law to provide for this and an individual had the right to refuse to give a DNA sample.

Amidon was commenting on the proceedings yesterday where the coroner's court was told that two witnesses had refused to give samples for DNA testing.

Later, after proceedings, counsel Gobind Singh Deo told reporters that the two did not refuse to cooperate with police but simply had no time to go to the station to give the samples.