How Many Five Years Do You Have in a Life Time?

If we want this country to improve, we need to become constructive critics. We need to demand for the best and responsible governance.

By Khoo Kay Peng

A few days ago, I received a sms from a friend informing me that she has received an approval for her migration application to the US. Without hesitation, I called her up to congratulate her and reminded her to appreciate this opportunity.

She has three school going children and it is not going to be easy for her, in her mid-40's, to uproot her young family from Malaysia to settle somewhere thousands of miles away. Thousands of Malaysians are probably doing the same yearly.

Many of them decided to leave because all options have run out. They decided to leave because they do not see a future for their next generations in this country. Friends who left their cushy jobs to migrate do so because of their children. Not for their own comfort.

This is why I have asked many friends this question, "how many five years do we have in our life time?" How many five years can we afford to wait for real change to happen? Not that many. I have just shared with a friend that life is like a ticking time bomb. We not not know when it will go off.

The only thing we do not have in ample amount is time. Yasmin Ahmad did not expect to leave us so soon. Beng Hock did not expect not to walk out from the MACC building alive. That is why we cannot expect to wait forever for a real change to happen.