August 1st rally

By Yes2ISA

We from would like to hereby state our objection to the planned GMI rally on 1st August 2009. 

We would like to advice those who are planning to attend the rally to think twice as it is estimated that the Pro ISA group will number somewhere around 80,000 to 120,000 people from a collective group of NGO's from all over the country. Those attending the "Yes to ISA" rally are very upset with the irresponsible politicians who are using the issue of ISA for their own political mileage without thinking about the security of our country.

We hope that you can advice your readers and Malaysians in general to not attend the rally as emotions are running high and we do not want to see a confrontation which is inevitable if the GMI rally goes on.

Do not politicise the ISA and do not bring the Monarch into the picture as it is disrespectful, and furthermore it will upset the majority of Malaysians and cause tension in our society.

For the benefit of the MT admins, we advice you to read our postings as to why the ISA is still needed in this country at our blog site ;

[MT admin –  So this group feels a confrontation would be inevitable. Please be advised that they want us to tell you that only they can hold the rally but others cannot.]